Turning our Most Famous Videos Into Trippy CG Art!

Avaldati 18 apr 2021
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In commemoration of a decade of viral success on EEclone, the VFX Crew tasks themselves with creating digital art inspired by their favorite Corridor Digital shorts.
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Here’s the site for the calculations we’re using for the energy costs of NFTs: memoakten.medium.com/the-unreasonable-ecological-cost-of-cryptoart-2221d3eb2053
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  • my mind was blown by the phone auto scanner O.O

  • i'm crying

  • You guys are amazing. That is all...

  • nice

  • These guys are at the peak of their craft...

  • Clint, I hope you see this, what pants do you wear? Need them

  • Fuck the nostalgia vibes are strong with this one

  • These are all just frickin awesome. I love it

  • 18:47 Is it just me or young Niko actually looks like Wren?!

  • Still very iffy about the culture around NFT’s but you guys seem to be making a positive contribution.

  • Please react indian movie vfx . 1.i(aai) 2 kriss 3 Kriss 3 4 2.o 5 Doom 3 6 K.G.F 7 simbha 8 Race 1 9 Race 2 10Flight 11 koi mil Gaya . 12. Uri: the serjical strike 13 tanhaji 14 Jallikattu . Please one more reaction .

  • I love ❤️ dubstep guns

  • 15:07 You're welcome!

  • When is the Corridor Crew going to be sponsored by AFTERSHOKZ? Where is the affiliate link and/or discount code?

  • yoo hit up linus for that storinator

  • was he 11, 12 or 13 years old

  • Loved these recreations. You guys are really inspriration for new artist like me and gives us confidence that we can also do this kind of stuff in near future

  • Can’t believe I was 11 when I started watching you guys and now I’m 21, still love the videos as much as I did then

  • Do children of men

  • I'm just glad to see Clint again

  • NFT's are a scam and It really sucks that you guys have to stoop that low to get money. Really enjoyed the video up until you explain why you made it.

  • Clint leaves and then is brought back practically every episode

  • Got my sub today :)

  • Nikos render is stunning, definitely the best, alongside the dubstep guns

  • Wrender

  • 3:34 The moment Wren broke his collar bone

  • Petition to bring niko's render as a wallpaper in wallpaper engine, even if its a paid wallpaper i am down

  • You guys need to sell the rights to those loops videos, theu are amazing. You could put that on a screen on your wall, like a picture in your livingroo.z they would be awesome

  • Is this the part where wren broke his collar bone?

  • I thought the portal trickshot was like 5 months ago

  • There is something sincere about this video. Everyone shows it in their work and in their eyes. I love corridor digital!

  • Just here to BOOOOO artists I used to respect for getting suckered in to NFTs.

  • If you want to reduce your environmental impact but still make NFTs you can use a different blockchain that uses 'Proof of Stake' instead of 'Proof of Work' like Wax.

  • this meeple guy or w/e has been good for your creative directions.

  • You steal shit

    • What are you even on about dude?

    • What? lmao

  • Lame Slow Mo Guys rip-off at 10:40

  • Man, Peter is just a different kind of animal when it comes to rendering...

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  • Clint came back with a vengeance lol

  • It has to loop!

  • is it just me or sam looks exactly like notch


  • NFT's have an effect on the environment???

  • Fuck it. Gonna learn Cinema4d

  • Jesus Christ the CDC even admitted masks do absolutely fucking NOTHING. STOP being voluntary subservients to tyrannical authoritative government and Big Pharma Mafia propaganda.

  • Whoever edited this, KUDOS! I am really liking the cut from creator to creator to creator. It flows really nice with five renders intercut. Did not confuse me for a second.

  • Jordan on first LAN PARTY on NODE on minecraft!

  • oh wow this was super inspirational!

  • 1:39 notch kinda looks like sam

  • Cant wait for the Linus collab where he gets you a new server after seeing that "Storage Solution"

  • Sam grew up to be Notch😂

  • Niko is 3d bob ross with his happy little trees

  • is no one going to address the fact that Sam now looks almost exactly like Notch?

  • 19:38 I am trying to find that exact song on Epidemic Sounds but can't. Can someone help me?!?

  • You guys are so inspiring. Keep up the amazing work. Cant wait to see what things will look like in another 10 years!

  • i almost always side with peter but goddamn, niko's render

  • how old is peter?

  • i knew that was gonna be nft

  • If you put up a poll to have people vote for their favorite, I guarantee there wouldn't be a clear winner or last place. They're genuinely all so good, and it's only personal preference that makes one or another someone's favorite. Here's to the next ten years being even better, and congratulations on all your success!

  • i haven't followed you for long but props for coming so far

  • You guys are awesome, I remember watching you as a kid and getting inspired. But hey I'm sticking around EEclone still just like you guys XD!

  • Whats the sick music at 15:04?

  • Just use proof of stake nfts instead of proof of work

  • How was peter born in 2011??

  • 1:37 I thought notch was Sam

  • 19:36 don’t scare me like that! I thought it was a real marker🤣

  • Hey man,, can you tell us how they did this seen, 32:06,,, eeclone.info/glo/m57HqYScmomM3mU/video

  • 5:10 discord ping lol

  • Love this!

  • Sam's render with the younger and current versions of himself really reminded me of Tron Legacy

  • I saw what Wren did when they sarted the signature section of the video

  • Is there a way to downloads the renders?

  • no one: me: heh "wrendered"

  • Whoever drew those mind clauses in the back, hell yeah

  • Wren should copyright Wrenders Inc

  • Благодарю за ваш труд, коммент для продвижения канала

  • 19:35 wren was drawing a pp

  • 15:33 FALCON VIDEO?????!!!!!!!!! WoAh.

  • Man watching this made me feel so old

  • 🔥🔥🔥renders

  • Kung pow vfx?

  • I'm fine with the 'Clint never leaves' joke going on forever. :)

  • It's crazy, I'm 21 meaning I've been watching this channel for half my life

  • Literally got goosebumps when he invited Clint. Little teary too. Miss him on here already so damn much. Love that intro with him lmao.

  • Hey I have an idea for a new project! I was just watching the movie Twister a few days ago and I was wonder if you guys could make your own tornado scenes. How realistic could they appear with modern technology? 🤔

  • Portal Trick Shots is and always will be Amazing. Ageless

  • Love those renders♥️

  • This is the type of video you would make when it's end of the channel or the end of a team. Thank God it's not

  • I love this!

  • you guys should make a "peter tries c4d" video

  • this video gave me family vibes

  • God, Peter is so fucking cool

  • you've all come a long long way, awesome work

  • I'm so happy for all of you! Watching your channel grow over the years has been truly inspiring for me and I'm honored to have been apart of it if only as a viewer. I just want to say that this channel was my very first subscription ever in the 10+ years I've used EEclone. And no doubt, if I lived in LA I would be knocking on your door everyday looking for a job! Keep it up guys, as I'm sure you will!

  • Niko's is so pretty, holy shit...

  • if this was a comeptition Niko won. but wren migh have won if the scans wasnt so Wierd

  • Hey guys, I really do love your work but I have to unsubscribe for this. NFT's are really unhealthy and taxing on the environment. I'll keep a lookout for how y'all are doing. Thank you

  • Nice Wrendering

  • Hey Corridor crew! You guys should react to the VFX of the Life movie. The 2017 one with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. Mainly 'Calvin'

  • This makes me think what corridor be after Sam and niko are gone