VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL Physics

Avaldati 7 veebr 2021
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This Episode ► Inspired by Pixar's animated masterpiece "Up," Wren uses his VFX skills to show you what it would really take to lift a house with nothing but balloons.
The Film Theorists video about UP ► eeclone.info/glo/yWate2aAcY6ZuKA/video
The Physics Girl! ► eeclone.info/vision/7DdEm33SyaTDtWYGO2CwdA
Hindenburg 3D model - hank2 ► sketchfab.com/3d-models/hindenburg-airship-b347e808f561465dab568fa61734e262
Statue of Liberty model ► jerryfisher sketchfab.com/3d-models/statue-of-liberty-6626abe1f3e8469a9d8f4b74d8aa2a71
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  • The Zeppelin crash had nothing to do with the hydrogen. It was made of Aluminium and coated in rocket fuel.

  • Oh my god that shot of Wren leaning back in his chair on the deck of the house was SO NERVE-WRACKING!

  • 2:53... Its Fred/

  • something tells me that this would be mr. beasts next investment

  • Gear solid scene reminds me of just couse 4

  • Assuming that each balloon is attached by its own string. And would therefore need to thread that string through the mass. what shape would the mass of balloons actually take? It's possible I'm overthinking this.

  • Wren is such a master at these informational video essay/documentary style vids, like when he made the kickflip video, or the one-wheel race vlog. All the corridor crew guys are so dedicated and proficient in this, it's so amazing.

  • I always wanted to know if i hold just enough balloons so i can jump pretty high

  • Ark a me dees

  • Were you actually in the air or was an edit

  • Hey Corridor Crew, was wondering if you could do a video animating this scenario: What if a giant top the size of a football field was spun by an unknown force? What would happen to it? The ground below it? Would the spin affect the wind speed of the immediate vicinity? Cool eh? 😅

  • Archamedes

  • at 2:54 he sounded like envy as a worm from fmab

  • Wren is the Bill Nye of his generation and I'm all for it.

  • 2:02 hey Vsauce Michael here

  • Vsauce music pays 1:59 Hey, corridor crew, wren here

  • MY HOMEWORK: 7:17

  • looks SOOO real!!!!

  • Its a house that has many balloons for up house

  • If you used party balloons they wouldn't even be able to lift the mass of the string used to connect to the house.

  • pete? why the long face?

  • OMG... at 14 seconds wren is standing on the second step... with no shadow on the top step!!

  • Ofcourse, i also could take Archie's Meds to see my house fly. Sure.

  • Now we know why there is millions of plastic

  • The guy be like: I wish I was in a movie ): Next thing he thinks: I can if I buy a bunch of balloons

  • 4:56 On the last frames the house starts to disappear 🧐

  • “To legitimately do it for real would be prohibitively expensive.” So you're telling me there's a chance?

  • Shout out to Vsauce 👍🏻

  • Are you nerd

  • This was a great video! Though in the film, the balloons actually ripped the house out of the ground, the amount of balloons shown here are enough to just make it float.

  • I love how startled he got from the sudden vsauce music

  • I’m triggered they couldn’t pronounce Archimedes.

  • by deflating it, a ballon like that can only be used.once.

  • how do you land a helium balloon ? i know it can float, but how does.it decline ?

  • 7:47 if you just want to see the balloons.


  • “To legitimately do it for real would be prohibitively expensive.” US government: *It’s a challenge, then*

  • I watched the movie inside out,up and the others

  • Interesting to see that (in your opening shot) you used enough balloons to lift not only your own house, but also your back yard and neighbor's house as well.

  • why do you have a flying backyard? 0:08

  • No mention of Lawnchair Larry? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawnchair_Larry_flight

  • Is air liquid or gas...? This guy is kind of an idiot

  • What an awesome, uplifting video ;).

  • nice vid but thumbs down for all the ads... cmon every 2 minutes???

  • it's pronounced Ark em mee dees

  • Video title: VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL Physics Video content: Balloons are going extinct

  • "But why do balloons go ... up?" *Vsauce sound*

  • I teach technology and engineering. Every year we build a 1:12 scale model of the house which is framed to code. Without furniture or really anything besides 2x6 boards, plywood, and drywall, the model weighs 54 lbs, so the real house would weigh 93,312 lbs... much less than your estimate. Also, the Pixar balloons are much bigger than party balloons (they look like they're 3'-4' tall) so you can see them from a distance. Lastly, I assume that your model matched the exterior of the house which was designed to look compact to it could feasibly get off the ground... but the inside of the house physically cannot match the outside. I use the Utah Up house plan which is a nice reconciliation between the two. The house is bigger than the exterior in the movie, but I don't weigh any furniture or appliances. DM me if you want more information about what we did in class.

  • 8:09 I look even better in slow motion in slow motion

  • man that shadows and lighting on all those cgi ballons ohhhhh

  • 2:28 I know that it isn't real but that made me extremely nervous lol

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • Hindenburg flash backs

  • Ummm.... have ever thought why they haven't made a video on Transformers movie

  • @2:00 alright Michael 😆

  • hi! i wonder if you guys could make a video where tesla and boston dynamics had a collab. tesla sends a self-deploying charging station, and then boston sends their humanoid bot, or maybe, "spot", i think the name of the robo-doge was. btw, i really love your science vids. i just thought, maybe that would solve the rovers getting "stuck" on martian terrain, plus they would cover much larger area explored with less time. if you ever come across this comment, i'm just craving what would it look like. not that i'm demanding or anything, i just love watching content made by you guys.

  • Is millions balloons

  • people with globophobia watching this will probably scream twenty times

  • Speak English

  • I guess the balloons need to be heavy enough to rip the house off the ground first!

  • up

  • 2:56 Is that you envy?

  • I have a youtube kanul ken ken kids Ashford

  • More videos on this

  • The grateful gratis sweater anecdotally rot because attention normally zip absent a material field. crazy, ad taxicab

  • Outer space is “made” out of? Soooo who made it? Comment below

  • would be a dream to make my house a flyable one

  • Now change the house to starship Edit please do the math

  • backyard

  • I’d love to see Wren host a Bill Nye the science guy type of show, on top of his smarts he has such great energy and on screen presence

  • Obviously I’m not a vfx expert, but in the opening shot, shouldn’t you be able to see an interior of a house, rather than the sky behind it?

  • This was such a well made and greatly presented video. And it the words of twitch chat, it was POG

  • The Vsause effect was great

  • 2:52: "wEll TheE FiRst thiNg yOuR ProBabLy FamIlIar WiTh wOuLd bE HEEliumm!" 3:33 "oh yhhh right... ITs bEcAuSe hyDrogens IncRedibLy DanGroosss!" 7:12 "uhh oh!"

  • Hey Wren next time can you explain what a black hole is?

  • Can Anyone please tell me the name of the 1st music that plays in the video

  • Can corridor crew please bring back the sick chillhop behind theyre videos

  • why does wren sound like franki muniz in "big fat liar"? hahaha specifically 8:33-8:45 lmao!

  • Learn from Russell stop leaning of the porch in the chair

  • My grandma know Pete Docter’s mom.

  • So.. Anyone else had a micro heart attack when he fall backwards while "flying" I know vfx, but No

  • Can you guys do a review of Walking with Dinosaurs and the special effects they did?

  • Wouldn’t the weight of the strings weigh down some of the balloons quite a bit? Obviously is depends on the type of string but I bet that would at quite a bit more weight

  • So cool

  • Is it possible for a hydrogen-nitrogen mix to be non-flammable yet still produce enough buoyancy for ordinary party balloons?


  • 6:08 i think i just got a heart attack

  • Lol the vsauce got me good shit wren

  • 1:59 lol nice

  • Did you walk across the street to get permission to use the Vsauce music?

  • I know that house and ballon is fake u guys did VTX. 😂


  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • The ill cattle annually bruise because tablecloth amazingly brush plus a brave farm. adjoining, tricky rhythm

  • 5:07 Balooners when they accidentally let go of their target mid-air

  • Ah so David Blane is copying old Myth busters episodes

  • Future said material 'super anti-dese graphene aerogel'

  • Is he actually on a floating house ;-;

  • Wow I didn't know I was in geometry class

  • Technically vacuum is what space isn’t made of