Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 31

Avaldati 3 apr 2021
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Niko is joined by Clint and Stuntwoman Amy Johnston to breakdown some of the best (and worst) stunts from your favorite Hollywood movies!
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  • I'll look up Jackie Chan once Hong Kong is free again.

  • Gostei

  • So basically Jackie Chan movies are just 2 hour long trick shot videos, with himself as the ball.

  • Lmao keanu looks like a mannequin.

  • Humbleness would be the best thing Jackie would bring to the show, being an absolute MASTER of his craft talking about other people's work like "dude, that's so hard" And then Niko going like "but you've done much harder" And Jackie just saying "well yeah, this one was harder, but the scene they're doing here, it's still amazing, man!"

  • jackie chan should do this video man

  • Just like to say I took you guys up on your recommendation for purchasing raycons and I must say they are wayyy better than AirPods 😁❤️

  • I ❤ your Stuntmen React series. Super enjoy it when stuntmen ooooh and aaaah stuff onscreen. Appreciate the bts notes as well.

  • Could we get an Animators/Stuntmen react to Jackie Chan Adventures with Jackie Chan? Or is that too much?

  • hey guys can you do a vfx breakdown of korean dramas like Hotel Del Luna or It's Okay Not To Be Okay... Thanks

  • Children of men

  • Getting the god of stunts on the show? One can only wish.

  • When the world needed him most. Jackie Chan showed up.

  • I've seen all the matrix movies like a hundred times and never noticed keeanu grabin the wires when he back flips

  • you guys should do this but with video games

  • Amy should have been cast as Yelena Bellova in MCU

  • wren top right 12:51

  • Im Gonna Git You Sucka - The Mom Fight Scene in the Diner. You know how you guys have talked about Wigging in the past. Well, you gotta see this. Scene is about 25 minutes in. Movie is on Amazon prime.

  • Richards (Schwarzenegger) vs Buzzsaw, from The Running Man

  • Stuntmen React request bridge scene from Mad Max (1979)

  • You guys should react to the Dom vs Hobbs fight in Fast Five. It was one hell of a scene.

  • Stuntmen React request: the two big fight scenes in the first episode of Gangs of London. Just launched on AMC and directed by Gareth Evans of The Raid. There’s two amazing scenes: one in a pub and one bonkers cleaver fight in an old flat. Bloody great. 👍 people! 😀

  • Without Remorse Van hitting guy scene. HOW!!!!

  • You guys should try to get as many of the MCU actors and their stunt double counterparts as you can and just go over each of their scenes (or at least the stunt doubles, especially for those like Chris Evans, Scarlett or Sebastian who have had generally the same doubles since they started)

  • When I was in film school both our cinematography and stunt courses stressed the 180 degree rule so often and they did what was said here, if you HAVE to cross the line, insert a transitional scene that explains the jump and would even express (in cinematography) storyboarding them out, whether it was a fight scene or even dialogue scene...

  • Have you guys ever see Guyver: Dark Hero ? As cheesy as it is I've always enjoyed the final fight and how that fight ends

  • Stuntmen React request "Winetou" a german western production from the sixties, with awesome oldschool stunts

  • I know that you probably won't read this comment, but it would be absolutely awesome if you did, because I would love to recommend you the sabre fight scene (EEclone video titled *"Best movie sabre duel"* ), from Polish historical drama *"Potop".* Super raw, ugly and thus realistic. I would love to see your expertise on this!

  • Can ya’ll react to 3 Ninjas please

  • stuntmen react request: Johnny English Reborn wheelchair chase scene, and ball kicking scene

  • Would love to seek a Stuntmen react video to 'Haywire.'

  • Stuntman react of a cheesy Buybust. 2018 film. Very cringeylyeeee.

  • Amy is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Can you guys do an episode about the movie, The Dirtbike Kid.

  • Please do the ship's mast scene from Death Proof (and bring Zoë Bell on to do it)!

  • Can you comment the stunt from The Ghost Rider, when Johnny Blaze jumps over the row of trucks and falls head first over the bike, smashing the helmet?

  • Escape Plan 2 hallway knife fight scene!!!+

  • Make a video on Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies!

  • You guys should react to "6 Underground" the whole movie is loaded with stunts and it starts with a 20 min car chase!

  • Please take a look at the oil fight from Transporter 1

  • Action Point

  • Guys for the next one look at captain marvel at 1:29:40 it's the most obvious toe-tap you'll ever see.

  • If you haven't already, Hobbs and Shaw has some fun VFX and stunts to breakdown.

  • Hey for fight scenes react, you should react to the scenes from the shanghai noon & knight movies.

  • With the Oscars just happening (and them ignoring the awesome work of the stunt teams again) can we get someone on to discuss the best stunts of the past year? Or coordinator? Or whatever categories they'd like to submit. It's time they got the recognition they deserve.

  • It's good to see Amy again on the Corridor Crew. Miss you.

  • Once upon a time in China 2!

  • What about all the fire scenes at the end of the bizarre movie This Is the End. Dude on fire falling off a balcony and such!

  • Stuntmen React Request “Transformers age of extinction” there is a scene about 40 minutes in where a guy gets hit in the face with a car tire. How’d they do that?

  • Stuntmen React request: The police station brawl in Lost Bullet (Balle perdue, 2020)

  • You should do the fight scene near the beginning of the Sunny in Philadelphia episode "The Gang Saves The Day." It's technically great and yet the stunts have that great comedic flair.

  • React to Dragon Blade

  • You should take a look at the Dead or Alive movie

  • Gotta do the second fight between Jackie Chan and Brad Allen in "Gorgeous" (at least up until the swing dancing and silliness start :D)

  • For the love of God do the scene from Death Proof where the car is crashing into the other car with Zoe Bell on the hood.

  • Have you guys ever reviewed stunts from The Three Stooges? Check out some videos where they ACTUALLY got seriously hurt.

  • You guys should definitely check out "The Night Comes for Us" for some amazing fight sequences and SFX... Starring actors like Iko Uwais (The Raid) and Joe Taslim (Mortal Kombat 2021)...

  • I would love to see stuntmen react to Nobody.

  • Did i just watch 7 ads? in like 15 minutes geeze

  • Please break this fight scene

  • STUNTMEN REACT TO HBO's BARRY. The fight scene in season 2 ep 5, Barry vs Ronny. one of the most realistic fight scenes ive ever scene.

  • You know what, you really should react to the hallway fight scene from (drum roll please) S2E4 of RocketJump's Anime Crimes Division.

  • I'd love a stuntmen react episode to include the origninal 90's teenage mutant ninja turtles movies - just saw a fight choreography rehersal video online and it looked amazing!

  • How about this one? Re:Born (2016)

  • Lost Bullet (2020) has some insane car stunts!

  • Guys, I'm watching Jiu Jitsu (Netflix movie with Nicholas Cage) I can't tell if it's the most realistic fight choreo, or the worst I've ever seen. Also the worst acting, the worst "effects" (see the scene about 34 mins in). I'm not sure if I can stick out the whole movie. Did I mention the terrible acting? Oh, and I'm getting strong "budget Predator" vibes too. Please review if you can bring yourself to.

  • I'm betting that Kill Bill Vol.1's showdown at the House of Blue Leaves 100% got inspiration from Righting Wrongs.

  • React to the number of jump cuts in the monster hunter movie.

  • You gotta react to 'Nobody' with Bob Odernkirk. The fights were gnarly as, looked brutal.

  • Having just watched Nobody, you guys need to take a look at that shit

  • You know you’re old & out-of-touch when who Corey Yuen is / what he does gets explained for the viewers, but who Jimmy Wong is / what he does doesn’t. Guessing I’ve missed him in previous CC videos?

  • John wick 3? how did they o the dog scenes? There is so much limb grabbing going on

  • a stut performer/co-ordinater/director id like to see on the show is James Bamford from Stargate, Arrow, Batwoman, Watchmen, etc

  • Stuntmen React to “Enter the Dragon” or any of the Bruce Lee movies if they havent already

  • Sorry the last dragon movie sucked.

  • Bruh, I just remembered the live action Scooby Doo wrestling fight scene. Do it, review it, or you blow it. Lol

  • why not ask the wangs to ask their Uncle to ask Jackie

  • Maybe you could do the Jackie Chan stunt from “who am I” where he slides of the side of a building.

  • DJ Duvvada Jagannadham has the sickest fight scene! react to it please!

  • You should check out Velocipaster for some quality garbage.

  • Rush Hour ‘1’? Ahhhh you must mean ‘Rush Hour’....

  • You should take a look at the new Mortal Kombat movie. Great talent but poor editing

  • I would love to see a breakdown of the office fight scene in season 3 of Daredevil. Recently rewatched season 3 and remembered how killer the fights are in that season.

  • May I request a scene from the movie Hardcore Henry

  • Yall should do the movie Polar with Mads Mikkelsen there's a hallway fight scean towards the end.

  • Hey, please react "The Night Come For Us", this is a Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim movie and they have epic choreography you must watch

  • Please look at episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier If only for the shot of what is blatantly not Anthony Mackie tricking through the forest

  • I don't know if you watched this already but you should react to Donnie Yen vs Wu Jing in Killzone 1 when they fought in the alley. You can also react to the scene before where Wu Jing absolutely destroys one of the corrupt officers (it also includes a bit of character since Wu Jing's character puts his shades on the victim before absolutely mauling.)

  • Would love to see a stuntman and/or VFX artist react to old 70s disaster movies like Earthquake and the Poseidon Adventure

  • Stuntmen React request TENET pls

  • React to Ong Bak. I dont know how you fake ANY of those hits

  • I too adore a good fight seen as well as the next person......however .(IRL). that fight ended in 1.5sec ...Period......

  • Stuntmen react request "Navy SEALs" Charlie Sheen's bridge jump.

  • React to the “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” barn raising scene the stunts are really entertaining and crazy well choreographed!!!!!!!!

  • For the next stuntmen react, you guys need to do scenes from Princesse Bride, more specifically the part when they roll down the giant hill to escape from prince Humperdinck.

  • Please do a stuntman reacts on Nobody(2021). On the surface it is pretty obviously a John Wick ripoff and yet I enjoyed it almost as much as John Wick.

  • In the line of Duty 4 please.

  • When I was a teen I got into prison break until I seen an episode where a “golf cart” flips over and it is so clearly dummies inside yet everyone I’ve talked to about it never noticed. Always found that pretty funny.

  • yes jackie chan !!!

  • If the car was on the Moon it would totally be real