I Made a NEW Super Smash Bros in ONE WEEK!

Avaldati 7 märts 2021
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In hopes of increasing workplace productivity, Jake asks Peter to make a new version of Super Smash Bros. that encourages the crew to get back to work.
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  • When's 2021 Smash championship

  • Hahhaa the tribal fist punching when they gather for smash is so good

  • peter real gem

  • i love you you guys.. but Pomodoro.. is Italian... it literally translates to tomato in in Italian.

  • i hope i end up working at a place like this.

  • Smash without items isn't as fun as Smash with items though.

  • Oh shit I taught it was 10min of work and 1h of not work

  • Erm...I actually looked for the link in the description to download the game? 🤣

  • child wren 0:07

  • whats the video he's watching at 9:38

  • Can we play it too??

  • Can Peter make a PIFuHD tutorial. Great video btw.

  • Jake's actually in this one.

  • Unreal idea: Recreate a past project but using Unreal instead of rendering with C4D or Octane. The "janky" lion King or Anime Race with the CG parts. Then you can compare an contrast what is easier or faster to do and the corresponding results.

  • “Now we have a robust character selection screen” cuts to the character names changing but the photo not changing with it the joys of programming

  • Wait, why is someone using a fighting stick for Smash? lol

  • 18:01 notice how the name over peters head on the far right is poopbong69 lol

  • Jake being the one guy who wants a time and motion study in the workplace, then also being the guy who disrupts Peter, is honestly the epitome of management structure, at least that I have ever seen

  • The way everyone gets up and starts doing stupid shit on the final day is how I want my group of friends coming together on a Friday night

  • Dang, very impressive I wonder what will he do with a full game

  • I think their boss might be onto something. Based on his numbers, smash bros breaks are losing the company $150k per year...

  • Bro, finish this please and I will buy it

  • Peter is so god damn talented it's freaking unreal, i spend a week trying to figure out the interface and this dude just "yeah sure i can make smash bros in a week" give him a raise for christ sake

  • i see daniel built his freedom :D

  • I wana competa on one of your turneys

  • Niko: "Pomodori, I guess in Japanese" Italians: "Ma che @%$#&* ?!" XD


  • 0:20 thats a nice box

  • Don't mean to offend the pioneers but Peter has become the best one here

  • that damn mask, id love to see his smile in the outro

  • This was really amazing!!! The power of Blender and Unity💪🏽😂😂😂

  • I wonder what would Peter create if he learns Houdini and implements Blender, Houdini and Unreal altogether.

  • I'm just glad everyone having fun

  • I need to know which instrument was being played by Nico, really love the sound😍

  • surprising how unreal is not sponsoring this video🤧

  • This entire thing is just like.. one long advertisement for shit..

  • Dean is a legend😂

  • Smash brotherss sounds weird smash bros sounds nice.

  • u guys are so dope

  • I am Peter dealing with details and timelines

  • wait..is someone playing on the overbuilt out the ass ahndicap controller? thats kinda cool, those controlers are fucking weird, but amazing.

  • starting at 2:12 in the background you can see Wren after he passed out, looking really confused

  • Honestly Jake is a perfect business manager. I have my own business and I would kill to have a manager as Jake

  • Why Peter gotta flex on us like that 😂

  • Surprised Nintendo hasn't DMCA'd you yet.

  • Hey anyone know the music playing at 9:25

  • This channel is perfect It gives us knowledge without boring us

  • Yeet nice vid

  • *Nintendo making brawl:*

  • Pomodoro is an Italian word not Japanese.

  • That boss is a real ass hat, I get it's a 'bit' for the video... But what a tight wad! Whinging that he's losing money... While making millions via his happy and balance crew

  • 11:34 did a CD Project Red

  • Rocket League with Unreal in one week :D

  • Haha Yo should do this mk style gotta ( R ) Rate yourselves I know tough work I’m sure but that would b a badass way to solve differences amount u guys. Lol FINISH HIM!

  • Pomodoro Technique is Italian, Pomodoro means tomato in Italian. It was named this because of his (Francesco Cirillo) kitchen timer that was shaped like a tomato.

  • Can’t wait for this mobile game to release in 2022

  • for the go back to work you could make jakes character when it wins yell or say GO BACK TO WORK NOW

  • A hide n go seek game where you use deep fake to fool the seekers

  • Congrats.i know how hard this was.

  • This was a particularly good vid

  • Peter: telling a a story Jake:get back to work

  • add some innertia to the camera and physics when they are in the air

  • Is it just me or does Nick look like he's turnings into an old man?

  • Man they gotta work on this and make it a real staple game in the office

  • WOW dude that's insane! You did that in a week and all while learning Unreal! Well done!!!

  • This is good because sakurai isn’t gonna make any new smash games because of his hand condition so this is the best game we’re gonna get

  • I’m sure that this was supposed to be a joke, but behind every jest is a kernel of truth. Frankly human productivity has skyrocketed in the last several decades, and only become more efficient (especially in terms of the film industry and VFX) through computers. So the amount of work being completed by these guys is insane especially compared to the hours that they put in. I think it’s kind of sh*tty to question their work ethic. This is exactly what happens in workplaces around the country, guilting workers into working harder rather than allowing them to be humans and take breaks.

  • And that's how Peter ended up at Stress Level Zero.

  • IDK if this constitutes vfx, but you guys need from check out the opening shot from The Birdcage with Robin Williams!

  • Dani be like: 0-0

  • Am glad Jake had a good time. Sometimes he works/worries way too much.

  • Lol why do I care about fake conflict lol

  • I remember when Jake restored a chainsaw of his past. What happened man, now you're all ads.

  • you can still use c++ in unreal engine

  • With the content that comes out and how happy all the employees are. I'd say that a 10-minute break every-hour, is doing wonders.

  • Jake is like Michael from The Office.

  • "I was raised catholic so i jus got nothin but guilt running thru my veins"

  • I hate your intros, I hate Jake's "acting" I like the technical output

  • 6:45 - 9:12 sponsor segment

  • It's insane how skilled Peter is. Honestly makes the other guys on the crew look sorta weak.

  • If you take out one s from vessi it becomes vesi vitch is water in finnish

  • Love the channel being subbed for over a year this is my first recommendation, superman & Lois on CW has so much of a better production quality than the rest of the CW DC shows do a comparison please! Plus you know that covering superhero content is view galore!

  • amazing work Peter!

  • Game Designers react!

  • Power Stone 2 > Smash Bros

  • Why do these folks do ad incorporation so well 😭 now I’ve gotta go get a pair of Vessi’s

  • Idea: Gaming channel called Corridor Smash. Now you aren't losing money on you breaks

  • Jake: WE'RE LOSING SOOO MUCH MONEY, GUYS!!! Everyone playing smash: *JOOOIIIN UUUUUSSSSSS!!!*

  • C'mon guys. You just stole Masahiro Sakurai's job. Give him a break.


  • I would so love to work with these guys

  • I think we can all agree kirby is the best character

  • I somehow felt Peter's rewarding feeling, even though I don't have anything to do with the game, or them. Maybe just happy for him. Great work!

  • Can you please add captions to your videos! The masks make it impossible to lip read and discussions out of view of the camera are completely lost.

  • I'm always curious as to how much of these... stories is fiction, and how much is reality :-)

  • Spend a little more time on this and you could totally sell it. Or, like make it available to patrons or something. Fans of the channel would definitely get a kick out of playing.

  • is ther esuch thing as a globel script in unreal cos he could keep the hit points in it

  • Hi coddoir crew you guys are so awsome

  • Dude, Peter, David Spade wants his mustache.

  • Like I feel like if like working here but it's also be annoyed with half of them and I'm pretty sure she of them are stanky