Artist Sells JPEG for $69 Million! So we Challenged Him to an ART DUEL

Avaldati 24 märts 2021
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Once again, the VFX Artists of Corridor Crew are visited by renowned digital artist BEEPLE A.K.A. Mike Winkelmann to compete in a render challenge! Who's art will raise the most money for charity?
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  • aw man, so glad beeps got matched up with the most talented one. if he didnt pull his name out, I'dve stopped watching right there. lol.

  • when sam is trying to roast beeple at the end, and beeple thinks that sam is actually trying to roast peter 😬😬😬 the second hand embarrassment

  • Wren has the worst luck with computers I swear lol

  • I'm of the opinion that regardless of how talented an artist may be, that's no excuse for treating people the way Mike does.

  • Haha such a kewl guy, intense 😂

  • Beeble is so rich that he doesn’t care if he offends people 💀

  • Was avoiding watching this video because I hate Beeple, finally decided to watch it and SHOCKER, it's 10x worse than every other one! What a genuinely annoying asshole.

  • Poor Peter:/

  • beeple has a timeshare in clints head hahah

  • What 3D scan program at you using ?

  • Well, idk why but I hate this guy

  • Coming back here after listening to the podcast reaction on this. Feels like a good one to miss.

  • Good chance that Wren's PC was freezing cuz of Windows Update. That thing is a f*ckim malware I swear.

  • Before this I had nothing against Beeple: sure, he came off as loud, chaotic and foul-mouthed, but that was it. But I was so unconfortable while watching this video: then I read all the comments and realized I was not alone. He truly acts like a self-absorbed, rude and childish person. I felt bad for Peter and all the Corridor Crew. Sam’s clever roast at the end made me actually cheer.

  • Nfts are cool in theory but I wish they were more eco friendly :/ I think I read generating a single token is the equivalent to the environment as a car traveling 500 miles

  • Man, I know he's kidding... but fuck Beeple, sounds like a pain in the ass.

  • corridor crew is doing NFTs? my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. FUCK. THIS.

  • Beeple looks and sounds like that kid from Polar Express.

  • ... Beeple seems like a pain in the ass

  • Corridor: Yeah Beeple is pretty unique ya know it's always fun and he's quick with a good roast. A little weird, yeah, but no worries. I think we'll have him on more. Comments: OMG you can just tell that everyone at Corridor HATES this guy. Corridor employees in the comments: No he was cool we like him. Comments: I definitely know more than you about it! I watched the video he was SO rude to Corridor employees! They hated him! Make it make sense.

  • Lol beeping out shit but missing fuck right after it.


  • Why did they edit is cooked sausage teeth? Made him look like a commie dictator on a propaganda poster.

  • Beeple's attitude is so odd because he seemed like a super chill guy back when he first visited but when he became a millionaire he became such an a-hole

  • OMG, Am I the only one enjoying reading comments of people disliking this beeple?! This dude is a nightmare, hats off to Peter for his cooldown!

  • Is beeple high for the first time?? The man was acting like he was zooted lmao

  • Wait? Is his name Beeple because of all of the b(l)eeps the videos featuring him require?

  • Beeple is annoying and this is the second video I seen of him. He got annoying quick

  • Hehe nice

  • Can we not support the dangerous and environmentaly harmful NFT scam bullshit!?

  • Beeble is overrated af...

  • Everyone talking about how he treated Peter. Don't see many comments where he broke Clints figure and didn't even say sorry

  • I don't like how beeple calls Peter just kid

  • Hey Beeple, can I have a cool mil because im the first internet stranger to directly ask you.

  • Beeple should be eaten...

  • 69 million nice

  • Mike has young bill gates vibes

  • Can't believe you give this guy the time of day. At least it was for a good cause... Can't even think of the right words to call him, but here's a few: self-centered, , ignorant, arrogant, clueless *asshole* . Please don't ever have him back. I'm not the only one on this side

  • I was so hyped when I saw Beeple X Peter cuz I thought it was gonna be a collab between the world's premiere digital artist and Corridor's up and coming prodigy. I was a little disappointed to see Peter get steamrolled and that the final product didn't reflect his style at all.

  • People saying Beeple's a dysfunctional asshole... Well yeah... Successful artists tend to be... Durr.

    • A R T I S T

  • Beeple says 15 words, we hear 19 beeps.

  • My request for Corridor: Never ever collaborate with this dude ever again. What a toxic piece of human waste.

  • This is why Beeple works alone...

  • beeple seems like a really hard dude to work with.

  • i dont know why this Beeple guy thinks its important for people to see his generic ass head but ok.

  • We can all agree that Peter is the most talented VFX artist at Corridor, plus he uses Blender; so, Peter for the win!!!!!

  • Only defense I have for Beeple is that it seems like he calls just about everyone a kid.... Other than that, Beeple.... you're a bit of an ass.

  • Beeple just sounds like a massive douche in this video. Feel bad for Peter

  • It annoys me a bit that everyone seems to be taking Beeple's quirks so seriously. I personally find him hilarious, he cracks me up. He was a bit rough on Peter, but that's life in the major leagues dude. You have to earn the respect, digital art pieces is Beeple's terrain. Also, for those thinking that Beeple became an "asshole" due to his recent NFT success, I recommend you look him up on videos from years ago. The dude hasn't changed one bit, he always dressed like Bill Gates even before he was rich, he always had this demeanor. The dude is always trying to roast people, he did it to Clint in one of the react videos. It's the way he rolls. You just have to roast him back, I'm sure he would appreciate it.

  • Peter needs his own video to make up for disrespect to his work and character. You are a great artist man, Beeple very easily is a part of a dying Troll culture that just makes for the worst of people.

  • I like these challenges, please do more.

  • 11:38

  • you can't work with great artists, that's what makes them great - they know what they want. this collab was never going to be a smooth ride

  • 3:56 I see Stewie Griffin. Awwww 😍🤣

  • I straight up hate this BEEPLE guy, straight up knife him with words, abuse him as hell... nevermind got too emotional :(

  • no one gona say 69.. B) nice

  • now just imagine having to work with beeple

  • I do not like guy. He gets a headscan and complains how they wasted 7 minutes. They import the head scan he immediately changes his mind, “wow this is clutch this is perfect” he picks up clints special item and immediately drops and breaks it. All he does is laugh and leave to work on his thing not even saying sorry.

  • I respect Beeble as an artist, but........ #ReleaseThePeterCut

  • Play at half speed and Beeple is just wasted through this whole video.

  • Sold his ETH.. Traitor

  • What app wren was using to scan his face?

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wow. He is awful.

  • *sees NFT* > *Save image as...*

  • Sam was being sarcastic at the end. I don't know how y'all don't notice that. Everyone saying that Sam rallied to Peter's side is totally missing that somehow. Peter put a lot of effort into the scary monster face but Beeple actually created the finished work, he was just able to do it super quickly without much effort because he's been doing it for years. You all need to grow up a little bit. Beeple is an asshole, no doubt. But he's a master artist and the Corridor Crew recognize his talent and appreciate the challenges he puts before them. Once again I would tell everyone to go back and listen closely to what Sam is actually saying because he is no way defending Peter he is actually lightly roasting him.

    • Nah mate, Sam's bringing to light how much of an a-hole Beeple is. When Sam says, "I just feel like it was really great to collab with Mike here," he's saying that, well, it wasn't great to work with Beeple

  • It seems like some people are defending Beeple's "harsh" attitude towards Peter because he just wants the best product possible. While yes, you'd want a decent product to come out of it, but it's clear that it's meant to be fun collab for charity, cause if not then why even bother doing collab? If it's just about the final result then Beeple could just take his own time and make the best things possible on his own while Corridor is doing the announcement.

  • Is beetle drunk?!

  • Holy shit! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't stand Beeple. Jesus. He's a vulgar human.

  • Did I see Lincoln cathedral

  • Beeple's an actual ass. Damn... Too bad he couldn't have been even half decent to Peter even once...... Sort of a win lose. Money to charity, but ya gotta work with a tool. Editing couldn't have saved this sad dude

  • I love seeing Clint 😄 the energy!

  • Lol is Beeple drunk

  • Why is Beeples work so popular anyway? He literally drags and drops pre-made assets.

    • And his “art” is just woke pop culture references.

  • Sam: what's darker than black? Me: Sam has a Vanta black personality

  • Beeple's piece sold for 540 000$

  • What program for the quest is that?

  • Beeple + Money = Douchebeep :o

  • "The abs pierce the darkness." classic

  • Poor Peter!!! You guys need to do a VFX reacts with Beeple, but surprise him with it being just Peter's work

  • Oh Beeple really fucked up. Peter is a crowd fav...

  • I find it fascinating how the top comments about Beeple have done a complete 180 compared to when he first appeared on this channel. First it was: oh he’s cool and chill and swears and he’s funny. Now it’s: wow the dude’s an asshole. I wonder what caused that shift. Cause it’s not like he’s acting much different compared to his first appearance. It’s just, now people are interpreting his teasings as being intentionally insulting and demeaning.

    • @Gyorkland lol nah that dudes a Jack ass.

    • @Sak Nah it just because he messed with Peter and sort of understimated him, that's it.

    • The problem is they featured him in more than one video. His “character” wore thin very quick.

  • Love how Beeple is still a fun guy after being made a multimillionaire. Maybe he's better solo but still a good guy.

  • He’s the modern day George McFly!

  • As long as everyone is on the same "jokingly mean" vibe, it may be cool. What I really wonder is if Beeple can turn it off, and sadly I think the probable answer is not.

  • The quixotic math intriguingly order because apology preoperatively relax forenenst a scandalous pump. abusive, tart gas

  • I wonder did Peter make Beeple's face into a monster because that's how he saw him? And more than this, did Beeple make Peter ride atop the goat with his head to represent how he feels about himself and this project. Maybe Beeple sees himself as the goat of this type of digital art and looks at this as "this kid" riding him to 'victory'

  • Don't like the fact that corridor is using NFTs but still, not bad Video

  • Beeple and peters work sold for over half a million dollars, fucking insane

  • The way Beeple talks to people seems so condescending. Feels like he thinks he's better than everyone else in the room

  • Wow that guys sucksss!! Love the team though!! Great leadership and collaboration from the rest of the team. Corridor team is special 🤘

  • There is a reason he was called BEEPle

  • Beeple y Peter felt like Thanos and Darkseid just teamed up Edit: Just finished the video, poor Peter.

  • SAM: What's Darker Than Black........ ME: MY SOUL

  • It was clear the first video they met Beeple. That guy is completely antisocial :/

  • I highly encourage Peter to make an NFT and followers can crowd fund money to by his work in response to the disrespect he had to go through

  • Did the money get to beeple? Or was he always like this

  • Poor Peter, man. Beeple just seemed like a dick and the fact he threw away all Peter's work

  • If you compare the size of the heads of the pictures, at the beginning Peter's head was the biggest but at the end it changed. In the other portraits, everybody is at the same size and the same level, showing as well what we felt in this video. Beeple might be creative and talented, but that doesn't mean he should be a jerk.

  • Props to Sam for standing up for peter. Just shows how amazing of a boss he is