How to Master ANY Camera - Functional Filmmaking

Avaldati 7 apr 2021
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Our very own Niko Pueringer boils down over a decade of his experience into easily applicable philosophies you can employ when working with any camera.
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Niko teaches you how to capture cinematic shots with ANY camera!
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  • Head on over to for the entire Functional Filmmaking series, plus lots of other great shows! Thanks to all the subscribers that made this show possible!

    • Every time I click, it asks me to subscribe for money. Is this something like a paid course ?

    • I could listen to him talk about this all day XD. Its really interesting, broken down well, and genuinely fun to listen to. Thanks Corridor Team!

    • @JoPo4815162342 Dont be stupid, dont expect all paid content to be posted here in the future.

    • You convinced me! I’m subscribing to!! I don’t know if it was Sam’s sign or just the awesome ideas that niko had.

    • Please react to "Genes" "Singam 3" "Kaithi" "24" "Indru Netru Naalai" all are Tamil cinemas

  • Failed shot, that's a human body not an alien one! Unless we just meant that the body was other than his own body......

  • Thank for doing these kind of videos...

  • Damn that pop up man with board is irritating!

  • Here's what you really need to know that Niko didn't tell you: 1. Read the F**KING manual. 2. Learn what all the settings do. 3. Shoot test footage testing out any settings you don't 100% understand, and use a slate/marker board noting what is different in each take. Do the same repeatable action (like someone sitting and waving) What Niko told you about is cinematography, not how to work the camera. It would have been more helpful for this video to be "how to shoot effective test footage to test out your camera and lenses." I can't tell you the amount of times I've received practically ruined footage because some schmuck thought he could expose by eye when looking at the log image on the 2-inch camera viewfinder. LEARN YOUR CAMERA people. Doesn't matter how well you can light a shot, and if you chose the best cooke lenses if you capture dogshit because you didn't know how to work the camera settings.

  • This was supposed to be a master class series????? Not gonna teach about actual camera fundamentals? Just some flowery stuff about “using the camera you have”.... Very dissappinting

  • That zone system is very specific to creating an SDR image. Nowadays, a lot of stuff is moving to HDR color grading, and that's a whole other beast. Ideally shadows and mid tones should look fairly similar to what they would look like in SDR, but highlights should look realistically bright, which means many highlights will look far brighter than SDR allows. Things like the sun and fire and bright reflections should be VERY bright on a good HDR display (assuming doing that fits well with the visual language of the shot). Your point about not clipping highlights becomes SO much more important here. If you clip them, even those bright studio lights behind you, you won't be able to make use of the expanded dynamic range to display them accurately in HDR. There's also a wider color gamut that allows for certain highly saturated colors that couldn't even be captured by SDR technology. When grading for HDR, ideally, HDR should be done before SDR, because doing it the other way will likely result in limiting what you can do with the HDR grade afterwards and resulting in an inferior HDR image. A lot of movie studios still aren't doing this right, and the result is an HDR image that does not take advantage of the wider dynamic range of color, even when it would be completely appropriate to the cinematography to do so.

    • Interesting, I can't say I understand anything at all but none the less, interesting...

  • these kind of videos makes you think you are a film maker. well, you are not.

  • why is nikos face small

  • Great tips.

  • A tutorial about conveying emotion, suspense or danger without guns, gore or violence would be useful. (Even if you want to do it with guns, gore or violence.)

  • That scene was lit

  • nice...

  • your girl isn't subscribed to corridor? YUCK

  • the shot of Jake at 11:20 looks super cinematic

  • 37:16 I'll be back

  • Could you please upload a version without sam in it? Or not have him like that in future episodes? It is too distracting :(

  • Good info but I gave up halfway through because of the sign antics. I absolutely can't stand idiots and that is all that sign waving is to me.

  • You are a great teacher, Niko!

  • I dig!

  • This is a beautiful video but I feel to truly know how the capture emotions through filmmaking, there's just one tip: watch more films! Study how great masterworks like Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Kubrick combined light, visual beauty, movement into one. Study as many films as possible and find your style.

  • Love this video and the fact that you guys are so awesome!

  • That "sentence" was a full phrase. Guys!

  • Isn't there like a millions memorable shots where the shots are longer than the sentence to describe the shot? I think the rule that the description should be as long as the shot falls pretty flat. Even for a thumb rule it's VERY general.

  • This is really useful ngl, thank you so much for the informations! This could've been an online class somewhere~

  • Amazing

  • I think sam was in it a little too much, it was kind of distracting

  • SNR Statement - If light were volume, then the same rule applies to microphones.

  • Artificial Sharpening is also known as anti-aliasing and debayering in the camera software. Not all CMOS' are bayered, just the higher-contrast versions since layered CMOS' require more light for more resolution/detail (Sony F35 Rules!!!, but only if you incinerate your actors in light).

  • Love the episode

  • Thank you so much for this Corridor Ohana! Love you all so much and can't wait to see what you create next! 🎬🎥🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥 I'm learning so much from this! Aloha, Keep Believing & Creating! 🤙🏽💯

  • this is soooo good! Thank you Nico and crew, love it!

  • Thank you for this (=

  • Since when has Peter McKinnon started doing visual effects??

  • 21:27 Ironic how that website advertisment has overexposured with white

  • Was half expecting Sam to say that it looks like I was writing a letter

  • "Yuck!"

  • This is idiotic.

  • If only they'd give the waveform on my camera 11 lines.

  • It’s will be so cool if you continue to make these even though they may not get that popular

  • okEY SAM! I You got me , got my membership back! Edit: Upgraded to anual you guys deserve it!

  • Amazing vid!!

  • You guys got nothing on Neil Breen's functional filmmaking class!

  • I got tricked and thought this was a William Osman B.ehind T.he S.cenes for his NOBODY parody movie scene shoot...


  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 and if the lighting is done properly and the camera settings are set to manual and tweaked to be as "true" as possible (leaving any color grading to be done after the fact), adjusting exposure to eliminate clipping, and providing ENOUGH light that I don't have to raise the ISO above the rock bottom, I'm able to get footage that damn near looks like it could be in a real movie. It really is mostly about just understanding how a camera works and to have enough lights on hand to create whatever environment you want without creating any dark or light clipping. That gets you 80% of the way there. After that, all you have to think about is focus, movement, etc.

  • TL;DR: Use Teal and Orange lights and buy the most expensive stuff you can affort on B&H

  • Can mini sam make cameos every now and them like in the background, kinda like stan lee

  • Thank you 👍

  • I'm this many days old...Movies...Movement. Oh my God!

  • I came from watching a Nurk video. I thought sam was Nurk because he's done a similar thing on his channel. Bamboozled me there for a bit. Lol

  • Wow, this is great!

  • «Get some Photons up in your scene» Indeed! Nice studio set up but Nico is too dark. Need to have more light in his face. The side-lit style is not great. It’s OK for the front camera, but the side cameras don’t have a good enough dynamic range and it’s distracting not to be able to see his eyes clearly. Just a little constructive criticism.

  • It's uncanny how absurdly well worded that video is! Analogies and examples are well thought through. I actually understood it all (retention is a different matter). Niko - BTW - sometimes you look almost like Colin Firth (except hair - red and facial...) xD

  • Functional Filmmaking. Also known and Corridor Crew Classic.

  • Skin tones are a basic orangish hue Black People: WTF

  • damn I wish I can edit like them lol

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  • I'm holding my NX3000 watching this, it's a good lad.

  • Boy needs a masterclass

  • Challenge: make a short film using only a phone and mobile editing apps- I'd be very interested to see how it turns out

  • I didn't get that water bucket thing

  • Man jake had to do a sponsor for their own show lol

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  • I hoped Sam would end in T-pose!

  • One of the best explainations I've ever seen. Compact and incredibly easy to understand!

  • I feel like I should have paid for this masterclass.

  • I absolutely love this video and how informative and educational it is, but seeing Sam in the corner every 2 minutes is extremely distracting. It draws my eye away from Niko and I stop paying attention to what he's saying for a minute. Other than that, this video was fantastic!

  • I remember the "if the time it takes to say the sentence is faster than the actual shot, the shot is timed incorrectly" from the very first corridor crew video I watched back when it was still called Sam and Niko back in 2013 probably. I just love how this team of people have grown

  • Great video. But the constant Sam bullshit just gets too distracting.

  • This has taught me so much and I am absolutely going to check out the whole series!! Wow love you guys! You’re all so amazing and entertaining. I always am coming back to your channel for either funny, informative, or exciting content! Keep being amazing 😭 Thank you guys for all the hard work! Sending love and good vibes :)

  • This is literally the video I had been waiting for! I think you guys are brilliant and this is exactly what I needed to get started on my videos. Thank you guys! I'm signing up for your patreon as soon as I can afford it!

  • step 1: hit record step 2: aim camera at subject step 3: absorb their soul

  • this was fucking excellent man

  • Hey Niko, can you teach how to shoot vertigo effect?

  • Therapist: Tiny Sam is not real, he can't hurt you Tiny Sam: 10:35

  • that was one of the most incredible course episodes of anything i have ever seen.

  • this is such a great video

  • That Akira shirt in the intro is SICK

  • Awww itsa Carmichael, I thought I recognised that hair

  • Hey, you guys should definitely check out the great CGI in the Monsterverse because there are so many fantastic effects that I'm sure you guys would love to talk about. It would be a great video idea for you. Also Godzilla vs Kong just released and with that movie being as big as it is, it would get you guys a lot of views and would give godzilla vs kong a lot more recognition.

  • This is pure gold !

  • yo, the whole dynamic range and signal/noise part was super informative. I really feel like I get it now. Maybe I will shoot that ad myself next time xD

  • Great info. Thanks niko and the guys

  • 13:15 Sam, we got it. Damn son! Too much!!

  • You just upped your game... i'm learning more from you guys than my college..

  • Special Effects on: Mighty Joe Young from 1998. Those monkey shots are gold.


  • This is gold 💛🖤

  • Yack

  • Sam is too distracting but I love him 😍

  • wait. Sam was distracting me again. got to go back.

  • Hey this Functional Filmmaking series is pretty useful. Good curriculum, prof Niko.

  • Was the skeleton used Chester Copperpot?

  • Shoot Your Friends season 2 is looking really good

  • As a teacher, props. Excellent educational work.

  • I had to replay so many parts because of the mini fuckery going on lol

  • Sam destroying the screen at the reminded me of the old ant eating the screen screensaver

  • Is that an alien body? Yuck