Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 32

Avaldati 1 mai 2021
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Niko is joined by stuntmen Aaron Toney and Gui DaSilva to break down some of the craziest stunts in your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • Booooo! I just caught up on the whole Stuntmen React playlist! Now what am I going to do!?

  • Could you react to Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin doing their own stunts for the sword duel in the "Princess Bride"

  • Gunfights of all time? And no "Desperado"? Mean....

  • React to Kamen Rider Vulcan Rampage Fight against Thouser and Jackel

  • I can’t believe people still believe the Frank Dukes story. He lied and it was a completely made up life.

  • one thing that is kind of hard to ignore is that the guy with the gun almost always moves closer with their gun instead of shooting them.

  • any of the scenes from the kick (thai movie) or bangkok knockout

  • Soooo in Doctor Sleep, a stubs double gets thrown about 6 feet in the air, and lands on the longest staircase outside of Wolf of Wallstreet. Please look at it!!! About 2 hours and 40 minutes in roughly

  • Lol is it more racist marvel is like yeah just cast the same black guy to do the stunt double for two people or more racist that I didn't notice lmao

  • I just thought of this: How did the stuntguy do the first johnny blaze jump in Ghostrider without fucking killing himself?? That double helmet bounce was NASTY.


  • Would be interested to see them talk about the 2d fight scene from Kung Fury. It’s ridiculous but so much fun.

  • The First Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr and Jude law, Has a man on fire going through a window into a carriage. (sorry not a truck). Can't think of any other examples of this.

  • Hey! There's a portuguese stuntman you could do a Stuntmen React Episode with. His name is Bruno Salgueiro, he has a youtube channel where he posted a video also reacting to stunts in movies with his stunt team coordinator David Chan (check it out here: His channel name is Bruce Willow Fitness and Stunts. You can watch this video to see what he's about: This is his stuntman reel: He's a really cool guy and has made some crazy stunts, like falling from a cliff with his hands tied and got hit by a car (in two separate scenes xD).

  • I just saw the realest FX in the Amazon Prime movie, Without remorse. It a scene where a character gets ran over by a van. It looked crazy legit. I thought of you guys as soon as I saw it. You should analyze and review it!!

  • Oh my God please tell me these professional stuntman know that Frank Dux made all that shit up LOL

  • "Kiss of the Dragon's" Jet Li vs. the Twins


  • y'all should do some metal gear solid. there are a lot of great fight scenes and gun scenes

  • Oreo 4s 🤤

  • I loved the double stunt men dynamic! Can we get a stunt man and a stunt woman in the future? I'd love to hear the differences between the two. Like when Niko asked what martial arts a stunt man should learn, my first thought was, "is it different for a stunt woman?"

  • Please review the battle stunts from Kingdom of Heaven, Troy, Braveheart or Gladiator. 😁 Like your show guy’s! Greetings from The Netherlands.

  • There is a obscure Brandon Lee movie, Rapid Fire, that has some great stunts and fights.

  • these guys said frank dukes was real lmao. there are very good reasons to be skeptical of some of what he claimed

  • You guys should do a reaction to VLDL's Baelin's Route! They really stepped up their game on this one and would be awesome to see their work critiqued on this channel!

  • You should check out some scenes from episodes 6 or 7 of Jupiter’s Legacy (both vfx and stunts).

  • discombobulate.

  • Frank Dukes got exposed as a liar. I really hope these guys learn that.

  • You guys should do a video on stunts/fights in non-action TV shows like the "ninja" fight in Scrubs: S5, E3, 2:30

  • 2 new suggestions.... “NOBODY” with Bob Odenkirk and “BOSS LEVEL” on Hulu with Frank Grillo. I’M LOVING THE STUNTS IN THESE MOVIES.

  • jet li against the guy in white in danny the dog pls

  • Baelins route about 15 minutes in by viva the dirt league

  • do groucho marx being kicked down the stairs

  • Do some of the videos of the czech stuntmen group Adorea. You should look at their longsword duel and the Knight of Hope video!

  • It's very nice to have several stuntmen on an episode !

  • The night comes for us

  • Definitely should react to The Princess Bride

  • Gostei

  • Please bring Daniel Hargrave on the show!

  • Jackie Chan’s “Dragon Forever” or “Miracles” Every single fight scene in these movies deserves to be analyzed!

  • Please take a look at the ending for Bowfinger!? That is some insane stunt work

  • I love Bloodsport, but Frank Dux is a pathological liar who made up his entire ... everything. Check out How Did This Get Made's episode on Bloodsport, it includes a link to a deep dive on how full of shit Dux was about everything.

  • You guys should take a look at The Forbidden Kingdom. It's a Jackie chan movie from 2008, theres a fight scene in a bar where two guys are fighting with the same staff, it's pretty neat!

  • *_Doe they seriously believ in Frank Dux, unironically fucking cringe_*

  • *_That's... nowhere near what escrima is_*

  • *_That kick wasn't in the UFC lol_*

  • You guys might wanna see this thing, so I'm gonna leave it here.

  • Wren just sittin there cheesin’ from cheek to cheek while they talk about the stunts is all of us right now lol

  • Both Oslo Freeport fight scenes from TENET

  • Yeah but Frank Dux from Bloodsport is also a proven liar and major major bullshitter

  • etc.

  • Really enjoy the commentary on the stunts. Gives me a greater respect to the martial arts with the storytelling y'all emphasize. I've been watching "Shadow and Bones" on Netflix and I can (metaphorically) hear "Stuntment React" on what I have seen on screen so far. Thank you for educating me and being passionate about stunts and all the work that you do and share!!

  • Oh I hope they were goofing when they talked about Frank Dux being legit.

  • Frank Dux is a well documented liar. The tournament never happened.

    • I need that crank tee shirt!

  • Shiiiit i always wanted to see them reacting together, now my dream is fulfilled

  • GSP!

  • I want to see a break down of Joker killing that mobster with a pencil in The Dark Knight

  • 13:56 anyone else's mind go to Rdcworld Leland's "Damn...he hit him so hard they had to replay it three different times"

  • This was cool. I just saw a TV series Macgyver latest. Season 3 1st episode at the end there is a scene where mac jumps from a bike to a car. It looks kinda crazy... just watch it...

  • Hey guys, check out the final fight scene of the korean movie, Extreme Job, from 2019.

  • Let stuntmen react to R-rated Hollywood videos that u made.

  • Please do a Stuntman React video featuring Motorcycle stunts from movies such as Rush Hour 3 and Mission Impossible Fallout

  • Review The Borrowers pls

  • I think you should react to this warzone

  • LOL frank deux is a fraud

  • WATCH Asphalt Burning 3, they got some interesting stuff 😂

  • Look at From dusk till dawn. The fire scene in the beginning is nuts.

  • I need that crank tee shirt!

  • react to "Kung Fury" the fight scene where he fights all the nazis

  • You guys have got to do hardcore henry next

  • You guys should react to some of the "disaster" scenes from Grey's Anatomy - the collapsing building, the crashing plane, the woman being hit by the car... Some of those are comically bad! I've never seen someone accelerate even faster than the car that hit them until Grey's Anatomy 😂

  • “Thanks Anis” My thought was Anis how did you manage to nail Gui in the head :0

  • i would love for them to watch the tarkov mini series on youtube

  • The new kenshin movie will be aired on Netflix (at least in Asia) and they have a behind the scene stunt by the actual actor clip:

  • i wanna see clips reacted from one of my favourite movies Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

    • On animators react you should see Dororo it's an anime on Amazon and it's amazing its also really violent but really good animation.

  • Great episode full of classics and lovely ass-kicking nerds (i found myself saying stiletto at the same time). I'm in for a full John Woo's gunfighting review

  • If there’s one thing I learned from Corridor, it’s that practical effects always feel better

  • I think you should react to John wick 2 hall of mirrors scene

  • On fire, out the window, onto a car

  • I don't know about all three but iirc in the Thai film Power Kids a teenager kicks a terrorist down a flight of stairs while he's on fire.

  • Frank dukes lied about the whole thing

  • Ok this is my first ever comment on your channel. And I want you to review. Surya the brave soldier police station fight scene.


  • He’s right about that martial arts people part. For me it’s only as soon as martial arts “experts” talk about how movies fights are real. But when you guys talk about martial arts I get hyped and use all my kicks on the air

  • I just recently watched a movie called "Invasion Planet Earth". Please review the gci in this movie, it is absolutely hilarious and you won't regret it.

  • The Crew should do a combination Stuntmen/CGI Artists react to Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. Both movies are a great combination of both disciplines

  • please cover fight scenes in animation both western and anime

  • The Fong Sai Yuk rope dart scene pls. IT IS AMAZING

  • Anyone wants reaction on Oscar Visual Effect winner Tenet

  • On animators react you should see Dororo it's an anime on Amazon and it's amazing its also really violent but really good animation.


  • So the movie Bloodsport is awesome. A guilty pleasure, but frank Dux is a fraud, and there has been no evidence of him being in a no hold bar fighting tournament.

  • aaron laid down the "TECHNICALLY" on the blade. GET EM AARON.

  • Switchback from 1997 with Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover has some cool train stunts, I can't find the clip on EEclone but there are a few shots in the trailer. Good movie too!

  • aaron and gui fucking rule. love those two dudes. bring em back more often!!!

  • Look at the ghosts on the British bbc series ghost to see if they are partly cgi

  • The Russian Fight in The Punisher movie!

  • Please react to Intergalactic a new Sifi series on Sky. The first fight in the first episode gave me almost a epileptical attack. It had like a million cuts in 5 seconds.

  • Stop hurting stunt people