Can Modern VFX Artists Use a 30-YEAR-OLD MAC? Ft. LinusTechTips!

Avaldati 14 apr 2021
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When Linus from LinusTechTips sends the Crew a 1993 Macintosh Computer, the VFX artists have to find out if they can hold to their high standard of work, using a 30 year old tool.
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  • This video is awesome and after having actually used the machine before sending it to you I'm extremely impressed by (some of) the results! Wow! - LS

    • Some😂

    • (Some of)

    • Well I think the Logo wasn't even that bad. You might want to think about using at least the general style (in a higher resolution and with a machine that does not crush the designer's soul while trying to achieve anything) as a kind of "Linus' Google Doodle" iconography, whenever old time stuff has to be celebrated like an anniversary of revolutionary Apple publications of new tech or sth... with almost 50 years of history, that would make it a bit easier to pin down what era any video is addressing.

    • :)

    • You should send them Amiga with DPaint next.

  • This sparks joy

  • that wasnt Doom, that was Duke Nukem........

  • Useless but somehow feels more useable than my old w7 4gb 320hdd intel pc

  • I'm so glad Linus finally gets to experience the pain of retro computer (espically Mac) enthusiasts get when trying to get files to and from old computers. The science elf has a great video about the agony of file converters, and action retro spoke of us ultimate bridge machine. Mac's are espically annoying because of proprietary file formats that can't be read by windows. Even modern Mac os can read ntfs, why can't windows read hfs or apfs?

  • Subtitles: Linus: "this thing ran at 25Mhz that's 25 million hertz" Nico: "that's a lot of hurts"

  • Send them an Amiga with Deluxe Paint.

  • Y tf are they wearing mask one second then just take em off the next

  • Griffin ''it has a bounding box *its just like the real thing''* Photohop - Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner walk away music as a single tear rolls down its face ''i *was* the real thing.....once''


  • amiga 2000 and video toaster next?

  • Was that Wren stepping on the desk??

  • Some of them are not so young to ignore how old computers used to work... Ridiculous people.


  • Did anyone else lose their f***n' minds when he said "Doom" and he was playing Duke Nukem?

  • NEW CLiP: You guys talk a lot about being a company with fast turnaround on projects I wonder if you could dive into Music Videos, I know it might be tough with Music copyrights but even if you just broke down ridiculous scenes. Look up Old videos like late nineties Diddy, boy bands and their adventures in green screen, up to modern videos which I feel have really great effects for the timeframe they’re done in (Nas X is huge on it love him or hate him). Not necessarily an entirely new series but a great and bad CGI music video edition. Wu Tang Clan videos were wild as well back in their time.

  • Finally....I was waiting for linus on this channel

  • After he created an RGB document I see along the top menu under Mode you can switch to CMYK Color, visible on screen for a second at 6:56 if you pause it. Go back to 6:53 and try catch it.

  • Prince of Persia game just brought the childhood days back.

  • Oh man that old prince of Persia game was the best! 👍😄

  • When is the Corridor Crew going to be sponsored by AFTERSHOKZ? Where is the affiliate link and/or discount code?

  • That logo is nice tho

  • Shows Duke Nukem instead of Doom. Copy rights perhaps.

  • Wow! Doom looked surprisingly like Duke Nukem 3d on the Mac!!! 😉

  • ......adress?

  • I used Photoshop 2.5 as the oldest I used. Professionally 3.0 and 4. I used to know Photoshop 3.0 as my pocket. But as you noted, not much has changed in Photoshop. Well latest I've played is is CS3 so I'm a bit behind. But Photoshop is old, and very little new with it.

  • I can imagine someone in 2051 equally laughing at a computer from 2021....

  • That custom filter is a mask. I don't fully understand how they work but from my understanding every type of filter is basically a mask or sometimes multiple mask. Mask are also used for things like edge detection. I recommend checking out ComputerPhile here on EEclone, they have some older videos where they talk about how computer graphics work and go into a lot more technical detail about how mask work.

  • Custom filter: that’s just a convolution filter for which you can enter the matrix. Sobel, Gaussian filters etc... are based on convolution.

  • Doom? That is Duke Nuk’em 3D bro ! Shame !

  • Now, imagine trying to do image editing on a pre-microchip computer... or worse, one with vacuum tubes, where it fills a building and you need a couple of lab tech running around all the time changing burnt-out tubes and cleaning out the literal bugs in the system just to keep it working.

  • this is my favourite vid you guys have done yet

  • 18:39 what does he say?

  • 5:30 talks about doom, proceeds' to show duke nukem 3d.... hmmm. Im feeling really old.. I used one of those in high school, although we had 4.0 and I do remember having layers. Mac's & Adobe pretty much dominated desktop publishing and photo editing in the 90's

  • "Address" with 2 Ds

  • lol people pay for art, but art is priceless

  • Hey watch a video of us being super super young. Pshhh. I was using Corel paint, draw and Ray Dream for 3D back then.

  • Anyone else go back and re-watch this video to figure out how this shoot turned into a COVID super spreader event and then realize mid-video how most people just stopped wearing masks when together.

  • Soo, seeing how computers started at bytes of ram and storage, than kb, then mb, now gbs of ram and tb or storage, the only logical step forward is tb of ram and Petabytes of storage?

  • I have one exactly like that one!. I got it for 20€ some years ago... Now I have a piece of history 🤣🤣🤣

  • talking about doom and showing duke 3d dafq?!

  • I appreciate how hard Jake goes for the sponsor segments

  • Adress is the next google

  • So... trying to do desktop publishing/graphics on a 256 color "LC" 475... a computer that was NOT meant to do that. And Photoshop 1.0??? No one used PS 1.0 back then, 2.5.1 was the go-to. Should have at least sent them some type of Quadra with a full 68040 and thousands or millions of colors.

  • I hate this. These people... Is that a floppy disk insert?! What!?!

  • 5:34 I like how they are talking about doom but have Duke Nukem 3d playing in the video.

  • Doom and Duke Nukem, they are the same right? :)

  • 13:55 Niko all up IN his nose lol. Git that gold, my guy 😂!

  • "doom was such a revolutionary thing when it came out" *shows Duke Nukem 3d*

  • Millennials. *sigh*

  • Stopped watching after I saw you guys with muzzles on.

  • They talked about Doom, but showed Duke Nukem 3D. C'mon guys...

  • Wild how far it has come. This colab was amazing.

  • clearly a zoomer edited this. Sam's talking about doom and they're showing duke nukem on the screen. ouch i'm feeling my 30's

  • I started with photoshop 7.0😀

  • 7:55 Here's a thing. Some filter like blur is just applying metric to the image (yup we actually use something we learn from high school finally 😂) Different matric can return different result and that's the custom for. Just use your own matric as a filter For more info (kinda tech here)

  • Amazing video as always that really made me nostalgic :D Have you guys ever heard of the program called "Amazing Animations" by Claris? I spent half my childhood 'making movies' in that... Might be a great challenge you guys for the future, eh? eh?! :D

  • The Lost Watch art is fire!

  • I remember playing that version of Prince of Persia when I was little. This is like going down memory lane again.

  • I'm almost sure I still have an lc 475 in the basement, first computer ever. I'll maybe check it out and see if it still boots up soon.

  • 6:57 he says there's no cmyk colour, but at this exact moment the drop down has an option for CMYK colour

  • Wow. That computer is only a bit slower than a modern mac at the fraction of the price!

  • Talking about doom, showing footage of Duke Nukem 3d :p

  • I used Adobe Photoshop 2.0 for a year, before layers were introduced in Photoshop 3.0 In 1992, I was using an Apple IIci. I recall it had 2 MBs of RAM.

  • That cryptic thing was a kernal for all kind of effects from blur to edge detection

  • "The oldest photoshop I've used is CS2" ... Oh god I feel ancient. The last photoshop I used was before CS 😂

  • So you talk about DOOM and show us Duke nukem 3d.. nice!

  • Talks about DOOM being revolutionary shows Duke Nukem 😂

  • So when I was only 8 years old my Mom was involved in a small business that digitally retouched photos back in the early 90s. This was the tech I remember them using. It seems really antique now, but I remember they could get amazing results back in the day

  • I started on ps 1 and it blew my mind, coming from a traditional print background it changed my life. I remember doing a montage and having to use the clone stamp to paint an original background from a saved version to combine images, layers were the best feature by far. Glad those days are gone. I still have a Mac clone, when other venders were allowed to build Mac knockoffs, haha. Great vid!

  • 7:56 jesus. for all their abilities, I'm sad these guys don't know the basics

  • Wtf these were actually dope

  • Damn, those fast cuts made me nauseous. Can you keep the same shot for more than 2 seconds at once?

  • Hey guys, what resolution were you editing at in order to take about a minute for each action? The early Photoshop versions used to really get slow when they ran out of memory and they used to do it all the time because it would take 3X the image size in memory and those old machines often had tiny amounts of memory installed. Photoshop would hit its own virtual memory system when it got low in memory. *also*, disabling system virtual memory used to speed things up tremendously since the two systems would fight each other and bring things to a crawl... I'm not sure if Photoshop 1.0 had the same internal VM system that Photoshop 2.5 used to.. which is what we used.

  • i remember using the first version of photoshop as a kid... on the first windows .. funny to see you guys try it now..

  • 93? It gets exponentially worse every year away from current.

  • I had one of those in 90s. Photoshop. Illustrator. Where my career started.

  • Lol dude digging for gold at 13:55

  • Mac and PC users are both peasants. Console master race

  • Marathon!

  • It a shame, you guys didn't get a copy of Aldus Freehand or Adobe Illustator 1.0 (or something from these years, like 88) on that computer. It would help you tremendously. Anyway, nice video, it was fun to watch :) Keep up and be well!

  • That... was not Doom...

  • Nice! I occasionally play with Photoshop 4.0 on my Performa 410 running System 7.5.5. It at least supports layers.

  • you guys are cheating. You need to use an old CRT monitor instead of a flat screen.

  • duke nukem tho

  • you should sell these as NFTs

  • Sam: "Doom..." Editor: Shows Duke Nukem footage.

  • Why do I kinda want it

  • I hope the clients of the Fiverr deals were told what was happening.. (And the business sent in a bad imagine anyways, was small anyways)

  • Two of my favs! Great crossover

  • 5:20 Legit how old is this duck noise?

  • I hate to be that guy, but that's Duke Nukem 3D

  • Talk about Doom, yet you display Duke Nukem 3d. :P

  • I'm not even in my 20s yet and knowing that 1990 was 30 years ago scares me.

  • why does it look like someone touched the lense with a finger. its really weird seeing linus video and then your room video lol. i assume its just lighting, or filmed on an iphone? edit, after seeing skin next to the mac they are so washed out its deff lighting.

  • you guys should next actually make a submition for the logo useing good tools

  • 6:51 Carl Friedrich Gauss. Look him up. And learn to pronounce his name properly. Then you might be able to say "Gaussian blur" correctly. Cringe. Sorry, but to the mathematically-minded, Gauss is one of the demi-gods. Please show all due respect.

  • "Floppy disk"... And I'm pretty sure that was Duke Nukem, not Doom :D

  • after putting a 30yo pc together, first thing to do is boot a game up !! *double thumbs up*

  • The "cryptic puzzle" custom filter is the input to a kernel which is used for most early filters. The numbers you input become the kernel in a convolution (or cross correlation more often) applied to the image. An example blurring (gaussian) filter, has higher numbers in the middle and lower to the outside of the kernel, essentially making a weighted average of nearby pixels! And that's how the world of image processing was born!