We Made Harry Potter R-Rated

Avaldati 21 veebr 2021
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Sam promises to help Niko calm down by asking the VFX crew if they can make Harry Potter Rated R.
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  • The fact that I was just reminded of Bake a Cake with Lil Jon was just the cherry on top of a perfect video

  • When draco was flying is was almost CRY LAUGING

  • I love this channel

  • If no ones noticed EEclone ads have gotten ridiculous

  • In the basketball scene, there is no blood on the floor BTW nice job

  • Do Matilda turned in to an R rated movie 😬

  • Make Jurassic park R Rated if you haven’t already :)

  • “Refuse to close the school” Coughs in NY State schools

  • “When I dunked on all of those Vietnam children” -the United States 1975

  • Basketball scene is EPIC !!!!! ❤️

  • Make Rated 'G' Mortal Kombat fatalities

  • 20:56 draco got them moves

  • Harry Potter and the rates r film

  • So in simple words harry and draco fucking died

  • Loved the Basketball scene! Great work Peter and team!

  • I may be late to comment but, could you possibly make finding Nemo R rated, the filter scene wasn’t tense enough

  • Dragonball Evolution Rated R

  • Shaqiliosis! Scoliosis!

  • if thomas and the magic railroad was R-Rated

  • 5:47 that iMac they’re looking at isn’t plugged in😂

  • I like the transflag in the great hall. I'd like to believe it is really there

  • Anybody else watching this at 5am?

  • What scared Wren so much on 5:13? Don’t spoiler please, just help me find the episode :)

  • 1:48

  • Ok.... finally subscribing.

  • They didnt show their reactions to the lego one. That one was cool.

  • 2:27 dam Malloy got skills

  • Power Rangers Rated R.

  • I really liked when Nick did the wonky willy scene stitch when everything was a story and less just clips together, so that would really one up this for the next idea

  • Make Jurassic park/world rated R. One of my favorite movies needs to get what it deserves.

  • Youre wearin masks. Im proud

  • The Ewoks in "Return of the Jedi" were going to eat Han, Luke and Chewie. They were going... ...to... ...eat... ...them. Return of the Jedi needs an R-rated Corridor Crew video!! Upvote so they see this!!!!

    • They need to show what the ewoks did with all the storm troopers they captured you know damn well they ate them lol

  • Came to watch Potter get messed up, stayed for the wholesome Trans Pride flag in Hogwarts

  • 20:57 anyone notice the trans flag on the wall? 🏳️‍⚧️

  • “The Secret Life of Pets” (2016) Rated-R

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Sam in 2021 : People are supposed to be dying left and right

  • If I became a Harry Potter, I would've died on the 2nd movie, honestly tho.

  • Try making a violent movie pg rated...

  • Make The Incredibles R-rated.

  • Make John Wick rated PG

  • The shooting star meme :'D

  • Or The Princess Bride

  • PLEASE do Twister

  • the audio recording sessions for these videos, are by far one of the funnies things to see and listen too.

  • Where the fuck is video

    • Didn't you see at the end of the video?

  • 20:09 Don’t worry, he be fine, as long as you put his head back to his body

  • Peter always goes up and above with these shots.

  • Godzilla Vs. Kong should be the next to get the R-Rated treatment.

  • Dat Pretty Cake segment really got me 🤣

  • 7:35 "How do you decapitate a child?" A question we have all asked in life.

  • Haven’t watched in awhile .... did Clint come back or ???

  • when you showed dobby it almost made me cry

  • he says scoliosis lol, scoliosis is a condition, where you have a mis-shapened spine

  • out of context 7:36 sounds weird

  • honestly,i only watched a bit od the sponsor ad,acux i wanted to see Wren run into a wall for five minutes

  • My legs

  • What was the name of the song played at the end?

  • Sam- i will personally see to it that you get these shots myselfxD

  • Mickey Mouse.

  • You guys need to make Raimi's Spider-Man movies R rated. There is so much potential there.

  • this is horrifying-

  • Well this wasnt Weta digital but it was good for youtubers trying vfx

  • Super work guys🔥

  • "How do you do decapacitate a child?" oh....

  • Love the trans flag Peter snuck in at 20:57

  • TiL i dont remember sht about what happens in the harry potter movies

  • Star war R rated

  • I just watched an ad and I think I lost brain cells watching it it was telling me to down load helix jump but was showing gameplay of slice it. My brain hurts

  • Your a lizard Harry I-im a what A blizzard, and a damn good one

  • Can confirm, scoliosis is exactly like that :D

  • is that fucking forrestfire?

  • Big Hero 6 seems like a perfect fit for one of these since Baymax is frequently pointing out how unsafe an activity is. Example - "A fall from this height could lead to bodily harm." Then when crashing out the window, Baymax pops on impact instead of cushioning the blow for Hero.

  • hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think: eeclone.info/glo/qnXOZ5WLg5GZx5w/video

  • starts at 18:54


  • 🤣🤣🤣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Scoliosis!!!! Baby I almost choked on this yogurt! Fantastic job guys! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I just noticed there is a trans flag 🏳️‍⚧️🥰💕 wuwuwuwuwuw

  • Scoliosis! You are now at level 1 posture

  • WandaVision R-rated!!

  • awesome work ^^ gotta ask, bambi r rated :P lmao

  • the last one tho LMAO

  • We need a puppet master G rated movie or a Tom and Jerry movie R rated

    • Also I feel like Godzilla versus Kong could also work to become R Rated.

    • How does one make The Littlest Reich g rated.

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  • 22:00 song name?

  • 18:55

  • Alternate title: Wren fondly looks back on the days of dunking Vietnamese children

  • They changed the board to say “kill count” @ 18:56 thought we wouldnt notice but we did 👍

  • What is the song at 21:48?

  • when Harry is a new fighter in Mortal Kombat

  • Does anyone know how to use PifuHD? I tried to use google colab and had no success. I struggle with python applications from github. They never seem to have enough instructions. I wish someone would do a video on it.

  • why does he say no blood when theres nevil in deathly hallows part two end he clearly has blood on his face

  • after this we need G rated saw or somethin

  • Make Conan the barbarian 1982 not rated R...

  • maybe you can do home rated r

  • The second harry potters mother was obliterated my dad said "Oh well"! LOL Edit: LMAO

  • That basketball one was funny asf

  • The basket Ball one was really good..🔥🔥

  • Welp, there goes my childhood.

  • So in the middle of the squarespace sponsor thing, I got a squarespace add. I think youtube is telling me something

  • I just realized Peter put in a trans flag in the basketball scene 🏳️‍🌈❤️ That's awesome! 🥰