VFX Artists React to SNYDER CUT Justice League Bad & Great CGi

Avaldati 10 apr 2021
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Niko and Wren are joined by Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump to discuss Zack Snyder's Justice League (and it's 2017 counterpart).
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  • Can we see a foley artist reacts cause I would like know how certain sounds are made such as the last scenes of S2 E5 of The Boys. Plus I think it would be great if foley artist get some recognition.

  • Sad people with nothing left to do in their lives try and flip off DC...for creating a masterpiece...bc comparing movies like gossip i s a valid way to use your time lmao

  • Would love to see a Kung Fury reaction in one of these videos. Such fantastic stylized stupidity.

  • The flash scene was really well done BUT barry was acting really creepy in my opinion

  • You guys should watch Baelin's Route, especially considering you claim to be into gaming: eeclone.info/glo/s3nIY4uehpuGsKQ/video

  • Never was a fun of Freddy, until he did VFX react. This guy love for cinema is uncanny

  • We need whedon cut 😂😂😂😂😂do hilarious

  • Gostei

  • 8:55 yea try doing that in 2017 though.

  • 8:15 oh geez, er can i also point out how distracting that armour is? i couldnt concentrate on the movie plot the whole time he was on screen.

  • The Synder Cut should theoretically be near-perfect (for what it is) and the fact it isn't is just dumb. Doing the whole movie, getting the world's opinion then doing the movie again, you should have some near-perfect content as hindsight is 20/20 and with all that input on what elements were just terrible etc, but it's just a bloated mess.

  • How have they not done a deep dive into Tenets SFX yet!!??

  • Give him a mustache and turn him into Omni man

  • eeclone.info/glo/ymTFlZ2yj5uEmqQ/video

  • Please react to the Netflix animation series Love, Death & Robots, its rad!

  • Could you react to Sandman from Spider-Man 3 (2007)?

  • Please take a look at the VFX in the 2001 Sylvester Stallone film, Driven

  • NEW CLiP: You guys talk a lot about being a company with fast turnaround on projects I wonder if you could dive into Music Videos, I know it might be tough with Music copyrights but even if you just broke down ridiculous scenes. Look up Old videos like late nineties Diddy, boy bands and their adventures in green screen, up to modern videos which I feel have really great effects for the timeframe they’re done in (Nas X is huge on it love him or hate him). Not necessarily an entirely new series but a great and bad CGI music video edition. Edit: you CAN do an entire episode on WuTang Clan videos without breaking a sweat!

  • Did Zac Snyder pay you for this video?

  • i hate to say it,but i wonder if, soley based on steppenwolfs changes) if whedon, with him coming from Marvel, was told on the sly by Marvel to intentionally make the movie bad on purpose. basically kill the competition for them ''make justice league look bad on purpose, and we'll give you marvel movies to make up the wazoo and pay you a shed load for doing it'' obviously we'll never know officially, no one would admit to that. but i get that feeling man. DC has always kinda been known for being darker, yet he still tried to marvel it up. they had that bad ass steppenwolf from the start, so why else would you make it look worse unless it was an intentional purpose. because if theyd left him as he was, he woulda looked cool, you can tell in the early cg shots. so yeah. i wonder f he made it bad on purpose? im not saying he defo did, its merely a theory.

  • before i go any further, he just asked if it was filmed in widescreen first, and then have the top and bottom added in digitally for snyders cut to make it 4:3. This is something i actually know the answer to. no. they didn't. Zack has apparently been a fan of 4:3 for a while, and he filmed the movie that way from the start. so right off the bat (not that bat) his intention was for it to be 4:3. After he had to leave because of the thing with his daughter, and Weedon took over, he went and basically cropped all the footage he was going to use into widescreen afterwards. There's a word they used for the 4:3 style that snyder fell for when he saw it somewhere, i think its IMAX or something? i'm not sure. i'm not a film student or owt, i just read an article or two after seeing the film when i googled why it was in 4:3......which i frigging loved. your always gonna see more in a square than a rectangle. i like the widescreen look too, my channels vids are 16:9 or a tiny bit wider if using my phone. but 4:3 looked so good on this film man.

  • TERRIBLE EFFECTS ALERT the Netflix Movie starring Bruce Willis, Breach. The last half hour is full of terrible V effects especially the actions scenes.

  • @/restorethesnyderverse @/henrycavillisthesuperman

  • Horror short “other side of the box “

  • 16:39 *how would Superman™ actually shave in the first place? given the incredible tensile strength and near indestructibility of Kryptonian™ DNA? Seriously, Clark Kent™ should have had a ZZ Top type beard or better by the time he hired on at the Daily Planet™ as would Superman™... and who would not have noticed such an obvious tell that Clark Kent™ and Superman™ both somehow had the same exact or nearly identical types of beards?...since beards don't typically wear glasses and plot convenience doesn't actually work in the real world*

  • *time to see (or at least push for) the Snyder cut of Joss Wedon's FireFly Serenity*

  • They used 70 million dollars for the new Snyder cut...

  • A writers oddesy!!! Beautiful Chinese vfx

  • 10:04 Synder

  • Why is the intro back and white?


  • In Part 3 title, you write "Synder" not Snyder.

  • Snyder's cut also actually takes into account the weight of the characters movements, whereas Whedon just did away with that, which in turn removed all the build-up but also the intensity and weight of the moments in the movie

  • Does anyone know how long it probably took them just to animate the Steppenwolf puddle scene?

  • What the hell were they thinking with the first cut Steppenwolf

  • Woah I haven't even watched the Snyder cut yet, I had no idea they completely re-did Steppenwolf. He looks so sick in the Snyder cut! His armor is incredible. Weta is so friggin talented

  • The original cut makes the justice league look like a bunch of nerds who dressed up in costumes, but the Snyder cut makes it look more gritty, like real superheroes. I think a part of that is the colour grading and the 4:3

  • Plzz try to make video on bollywood part 6

  • People who thinks are cgi professionals but just haters and followers of critics should watch this.

  • No mention about the 30minutes of unnecessary slo-mo?

  • Where's the fucking flash scene

  • Still a crappy movie no matter what you do.


  • I'd pay money to watch it 'live' with you guys....

  • Do children of men

  • I remember watching Josstice league back in 2017 and said “Wait is there a new Superman” when they showed Henry Cavill’s horrible digitally removed mustache

  • Please react to "Mother Killing At The Arc - Raised By Wolves S01E01 Ending Scene" m.eeclone.info/glo/uHeWpKJyd5yqxaQ/video

  • Do "90s & 80s sitcoms" VFX

  • You guys should ask Zack Snyder to come to make a breakdown for his movies, maybe this and that upcoming Netflix zombie movie? He's a great guy who makes great movies. What do you guys say?

  • Zack Snyder is the stapler

  • Eyy can yall react/ review Jalex Rosas works

  • couldn't agree more on the 4:3 change. at first I hated it and then as the movie went on I realized how much it made single shots and hero shots feel more superhero like they should be and a set or backdrop didn't discount a hero. well done.

  • Am I the only one who didn’t know there was a version in color

  • please react to jelaxrosa videos

  • I just want to know what the creative decision was in removing the kpop music video from Barry’s screen was lmao

  • surfshark vpn is better

  • Who the hell is SYNDER and why is his obsession with a human body important for this video??? Please answer this riddle or else I won;t get any sleep!

    • Zack Snyder. The Man Who Brought You WATCHMEN and BATMAN V SUPERMAN He just loves the Human Body

  • I hate when people shit on Whedon for justice league. He was brought in and given a 3+hour movie and told to cut it down to two hours and lighten the tone. It wasn't his vision of a Justice League movie it was a cut up version of Snyders film. Best he could within the guide lines WB gave him because they were worried no one would watch a 3+ hour Justice League movie and Batman vs. Superman got alot of criticism for being too dark. Call it the Warner Brothers corporate cut.

    • @AhAnti ObjectiveSan Na. I think it was a mistake on his part to even attempt what WB wanted him to do. If he was being unkind or unfair to some of the actors or staff im sure it was because of the crunch of the schedule and demands of WB. You can't always make everyone happy. And the ones who aren't are the ones complaining about him.

    • Joss Whedon was also a douche on set so he probably gets 20% of the blame. WB still sucks ass.

  • Fun fact, they stole the design of Shinnok from Mortal Kombat to use for og Steppenwolfs lookxD

  • You guys should do an episode where you react to how the CG gecko from the Geico commercials has evolved over the decades

  • The mustache cut gave me huge omniman vibes

  • Can you do a Michael Bay reaction?

  • The puddle is real, an actor walked through it, the stick is real, it looks like what they ADDED were the mud and water trails from his feet toe things moving through it. Great example of mixing real motion with CGI in order to sell the whole 5 second shot lol

  • Do the Geico Gecko 🦎🦎🦎

  • To Freddie's point, even though we had essentially already seen this movie I still felt the tension and excitement build up in each scene. I was thoroughly entertaining by the Snyder cut over the original release.

  • I like you guys, but you love to rip apart others work and tell the world how the shot is jenky or should have been done another way, but then you watch your own work and it sucks so much more than the work you tear apart. Why don't you guys fix your own shit before you critique someone else?

  • Well made movie, bt too much time spent on many scenes that make the movie boring most of the time

  • Wow this video is disappointing. I was waiting for them to react to flash's fast scene and they don't

  • People need to know tht Zack only gets 70 million to do a Justice League movie, so whether is bad or good or not, if he have a higher budget and if WB given him much time back in 2017 all of the scenes and CGI or VFX effects would be so much btr, BVS or MOS is a good example

  • How many ads you want a on a 20 minute video man. Bloody hell.

  • everybody gotta stroke snyders ego

  • React to transformers please

  • It's funny how dc is seen as darker than marvel, but when you think about it most justice league members are against killing, but most avengers don't really care if they kill or not

    • @JackThe Commenter I wasn't talking about the mcu

    • Well the MCU is kinda more toned down in terms of gore and all of that stuff but in the comics it’s way different

  • I was watching this and I was.Thinking ,they should react to the Mortal Kombat movie

  • This should have been a longer episode! :)

  • Freddie what happend to rocket jump

  • Wait, steppenwolf is full CG ?

  • We need the flash's time travel reaction...🙏

  • DC had its redemption arc.

  • I'm gonna have to disagree with the Steppenwolf take. I find the new armor to be far too busy, and moves far too much. It's distracting. It also tells me NOTHING about the character. Now granted, neither does Wheden's. But if you look at the design from the comics, where yes, he looks like a dude, you can just EASILY tell that he's a general who has killed many. He's got the demon skull around his waist, he's got a formal sash, he's got the intimidating horns. His armor clearly incorporates the bones of his fallen enemies. They honestly should have just gone for comics Steppenwolf rather than trying to recreate already good character design. Plus! They could have had an actor in a costume rather than something that is fully CGI which is already gonna take some people out of the immersion.

  • I need a part 2 where they address the butterfly scene! I have never before seen such a realistic fake butterfly =D

  • actually according to some interview, the reshoot for the snyder cut is just 10 minutes or so. the whole movie is just the original scenes of snyder's without joss whedon reshoot

    • Yes but none of Synder work had completed VFX and edits.

  • Wheres flash reverse time scene :///

  • #ReleaseTheBTSCut

  • Omg what is going on!!! They need to continue this!!!! For the love of GOD!! Warner Brothers!!! Why!!! Please let this happen!!!

  • Maybe they can redo the last season of game of thrones. That was the ultimate letdown

  • In my opinion I don’t like the guy with glasses. It’s hard to watch the show with him on. Sorry. I love everyone else. He said something rude to me in another show.

  • 6:13 looks like something from comic book bro, I love this movie.

  • 17:19 in the Lois and Clark TV show with Dean Cain, there is a live action shot of this. Clark Kent uses a mirror to shave his beard. He actually uses 2, I think, to get the angles right. A hand mirror that reflects the laser and he changes the angle of the hand mirror as the laser bounces off the bathroom cabinet mirror. Can't remember which episode, but probably one of the first of the series.

  • Superman II: The Richard Donner cut and Zach Snyder’s Justice League, two rare examples of film history being made!

    • And both from DC universes, no less!

  • 14:24 what you said is right becoz you know about vfx and I don't but there comes physics, time is inversely proportional to force if he'd touched her she would've been in pieces.🙃 #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

  • Actually some data have been revealed: $275M Og Zack $25M Whedon's shoots $70M finish VFX, VFX changes on the 2017 film and some reshoots

  • I agree. Possibly the most visually great superhero movies ever made. Beat Marvel in one four hour movie. I and the audience agreed that this was how a superhero movie should look like.

  • Snyder’s Steppenwolf is a vast improvement on the original. He appears heaps more evil and his armour is dope!

  • Barry touched her lightly because he still new to the speed force so he cant control how much force he applies when he is in that state. The same way he touched Supes at the monument and he got thrown off

  • Make a video on movie uri: the surgical strike. It's a superhit Bollywood movie

  • never really been a fan of 4:3 movies, wider the better imo

  • I didn't notice the 4:3 while watching, but I feel like it works better for superhero movies because a panel of a comic will not be wide, they will almost always be taller than they are wide. People will make up most of the frame of a panel, and when a person takes up a small portion it is intentional.

  • No one was talking bout Superman’s lips in the 2017 one and it was making me mad

  • this is epic and won u my sub not like it matters but its currently 2 am and im still watching vids so maybe it does