Avaldati 21 märts 2021
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The Crew sits down with Digital Artist Mike Winkelmann AKA "Beeple" for a Q&A about NFTs and the future of Crypto Art.
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  • Autistic coke addict talks about nothing for an hour good god. First unwatchable video you guys ever made.

  • The Bweep 😂

  • NFT's are the new youtube/tiktok/twitch etc. basically the new thing that the regular person can make a living from and get money and fame, the problem is when the big companies come in and start figuring out how to do it and the little guy gets left behind again. so as an artist myself, now would be the time to jump in, because i know from seeing the ''hollywoodisation'' of youtube, and then their trying to jump on tiktoks medium and twitchs, etc. its not gonna be long before things like film studios and games companies are selling concept art from games and movies as NFT's and people buy those more than the art made by regular joe artists that are just as good. so get in while the goings good i say, before the big guys come in and ruin the whole thing like they have with every other space us regular peeps made trend first.

  • 3 minutes in and already I feel my face making the same expression as my 92 year old grandomer's did back when I tried to explain the internet to her.

  • Idc if he was bad or not in this video, but after the way he treated Peter.. fuck Beeple and his broken sinus weasel voice.

  • C rypt0meth is pr0bably the next safem00n tbh

  • Pausing at 3:23 to like and subscribe.

  • Rip Niko’s hairline

  • If an artist takes part in a system they already know has a damaging effect on the environment, regardless of what the actual source of that damage is within the system, and that system isn't a mandatory part of life under current civilization, then yeah, the artist is kinda part of the problem, Wren. You can talk about being aware of the damage something creates all you want, but if you're actively contributing to that damage at any step, those words don't mean much. This isn't wage slavery under capitalism where you have no choice but to participate, this is something you can abstain from until improvements are made, or make steps towards those improvements yourself. If you use NFTs with the goal of improving it in mind, more power to you, but most people are just doing it to make some money, consequences be damned. If the English alphabet was destroying the world, and you said "It's okay because I only like the letters X, Y, and Z", it's not okay, because you're still upholding a cog that contributes to the operation of the machine.

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  • NFT are the dumbest thing to this date.

  • Today I realised... Beeple doesn't really know anything about blockchain

  • NFT consensual hallucination... like all assets and money.

  • Imagine paying for something that gives you no profit and has no use and only hurts the enviroment

  • If you're a tree-hugger and want to save the planet, then go up into the mountains. Eat what you can kill. Don't ever buy anything. Don't use tech or electricity.

  • You need to look how much energy is spent on current financial system transactions and verification, gold mining, mining of commodities that produce the materials and machines that your camera equipment, clothing, computers, buildings etc are made from. The energy involved in their creation or development process of education (unique skills) is what gives them scarcity and value

  • Nfts are cool in theory but I wish they were more eco friendly :/ I think I read generating a single token is the equivalent to the environment as a car traveling 500 miles

  • Who the Frigg is "agreeing that you own" this shite NOW? Only the couple of thousand folks that have bought into this crap meaning anything. The important bit IS the screenshotable, the "owning a definite certificate" is absolutely meaningless except as monetary investment, which is the awful side of art and not laudable in the least.

    • Also another ethical problem (beyond the environmental impact of any blockchain process) is that right now Crypto-anything is heavily overrun with moneylaundering. Warlords, drug cartels, human trafficking, putting a couple of (hundred) Million into untraceable "currency" and getting it out at around 1 : 1 values is very popular right now... How do artists guard against this and not just accept that they make money laundering for really bad criminal activities worthwhile? Opening new directly marketable spaces for digital art sounds like a great idea, but is it worth to be built on blood, death and exploitation of human beings on top of everything else???

  • I disliked the video only because I am still doubtful of the subject matter and don't have a lot of interest. However the video itself was informative, and intellectually I can appreciate that it was made.

  • he has 1 USD drop now

  • I actually don’t think this is going to last. NFT’s will only be successful for big name artists who are already at the top. Grunts and nobodies will never be able to make money off of NFT’s. They’ll just get screwed.

  • What a weird fucking way to become a millionaire lol

  • and unsubscribed

  • beeple dropping spring/summer 2021 tomorrow!!! hopefully I can get 1. Really want Elon walking dogecoin lol

  • A quick rundown on what NFT is : Think of it as the comic books with the rare issue numbers & how people "trade" those NFTs are the digital versions of that u own the comic book yes, but the copyright is still Marvel's u own the art yes, but the copyright is still the artist's

  • So nfts fart are just as dumb as they sound. You get to say I am the true owner. With a Picasso you actually own the physical item Picasso painted With this you can say you own it but the copy you have is exactly the same as copies other people can have. So it's an ego thing purely. Basically a great way for people to create money out of literally nothing.

  • Wow, I can't stand the fucking beeping. Instead of paying to watch though, I'll just not.

  • Hey I can't wait to see your deep dive on the environmental impacts! Outrage is always better captured, converted to energy and funneled into a productive venture and it's cool to see you do just that.

  • Do traditional banks not have a larger & far worse footprint, especially if you consider their investments? It'd be a lot easier for the blockchain to go green than banks let's put it that way.

  • So, its Pokémon cards for the new century 🤔

  • So its basically stock market with more steps?

  • Nice haircut Beeple

  • What's him explain it. Sounded interesting, still have no clue what mining, minting bitcoin or any of it actually is 🤣

  • is there a way to see who created it? like could someone make something pretending to be beeple? how would i be able to tell?

  • Really interesting Now can someone tell me what the hell theyre talking about?

  • Beeple i love your bull run nft. I want a replica.

  • Buying Crypto Utrlaman NFT can earn 100 times the income

  • This is almost as stupid as paying for a banana taped to a wall

  • 15:57

  • So nice of him to put his mask on...his chin.

  • Im happy for Beeple, he deserves it after all his hard work. But this system seems very... flawed when it comes to small artists getting their stuff stolen

  • where did he sell the NFT? on which website or marketplace?

  • Geez, this guy's pacing back and forth reminds me of a tweaker nearing his crash. Tulip bulbs, anyone?

  • yer man's got a red bull endorsement pending, i should imagine. in other news; this was an extremely useful video and thank you for making it. i was really struggling with so many of the concepts contained so it was good to see.

  • Did he just drank redbull and coffee?

  • This is a historical video.

  • Anyone remember the first time they had to explain the internet and email to someone? it’s Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFTs!

  • People are making fun of NFT “fungible,” just like they did with email and the internet.

    • those have functions to back their existence, does NFT have one?

  • These videos used to be what school presentations were all about. Now they’re posted on EEclone via the internet for millions to view. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Blockchain technology is inevitable and will be a new way of living. Eventually we’ll get used to it, like how we got use to using the internet.

  • We’re living in a world where people are mining internet gas and making boat loads of currency from doing it. The technological shift has already begun. The next evolution of society is upon us.

  • NFT puff piece from someone who makes money off of NTFs. Immediately tried to lecture people for being annoyed by people ignoring the downsides because they're making money off of it.

  • How does the the physical copy of the NFT stay powered on?

  • So, what stops people from taking existing art they don't have te rights to, and just minting that and essentially "claiming ownership"? or taking an already minted piece, and just minting it again? with maybe one pixel shaded one shade darker if needed-

  • Fungible - When someone buys a BTC on the market, there's less available & thus the price of everyone else's Bitcoin goes UP... cos there's no difference between your BTC & my BTC. Non-Fungible - You buy a $100,000 NFT & the price of MY NFT does not go up. Your NFT is different from my NFT - They're NON Fungible Tokens Your NFT is a market all by itself & the people who collect NFTs are the buyers. It's risky. Only buy if you don't mind the value of it goes DOWN if new NFT buyers stop buying... Buy NFTs because you want to OWN & HOLD it...

  • Just realized why he's called Beeple,.... Because "Beep!"

  • Very well explained, I think you should check out Blockverse on NFFT ‘

  • Wow being a multimillionaire really changed this dudes attitude it's like night and day between this video and his first one specially the swearing apparently multi-millionaires swear more I think I should probably be a multi-millionaire cuz I swear quite a bit.... F*** S*** F***

  • maybe this was explained and i missed it, but who determines the value of the art and how it is priced?

  • NFT is a bubble.

  • What the fuck is minting?????

    • @Boby Ford dude I'm not even in my 20's and I'm too old for this shit, or maybe I'm too dumb for it...

    • we're too old for this and I'm not even in my 30s yet

  • Best laptop to do this kind of works? (working cinema 4d after effects photoshop)

  • can't wait when they have to talk about small artist being stripped and exploited and not getting any of the money other people make of artists art.

  • Mrs Jane is legit and her method work like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

    • How are these bots not banned

    • She's always online on WhatsApp

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  • Don't get the fucking beeep shit...I mean it's EEclone

  • Serious question: I wonder if Minting NFT profits are taxable by the IRS...As Taxable income or investment...?

  • can't wait for the NFT environmental impact video by Wren

  • Is this kind of like when people pay money to buy rare WOW mounts like you can't physically use it but it's cool to show off in game? I don't really know what pleasure people feel when paying for NFT. Not that artists don't deserve support but it can be done through other forms, it's hard for me to comprehend the thoughts behind this from a consumer POV.

  • No more Beeple. Don't bring him back.

  • Wow that shit made no sense

  • NFTs make sense as deeds for real world assets. They also make sense as unique items in games. They do not make sense for digital artwork that can be experienced by others for free, especially if they don't grant you copyright. You are essentially buying nothing but a claim that you supported the artist for some particular artwork, but the connection between the artwork and the NFT is arbitrary. Sure, the NFT may point to an IPFS address, but anybody can view what is at that address.

  • Heh. More like sorry for all the 'beepling' amiright?

  • This is going to look so funny in 10 years.

  • This is the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

  • This is sad to see honestly. Beeple led y'all down the wrong path

  • So long, Corridor. It was fun while it lasted... NFT are making art thievery and money laundering easy for everyone, at the cost of the environment. 2021 spring was the worst spring France since we started to record our weather. It will cause a whole lot of loss in food production. It was caused in part by the rapid climate change. As does the Texas' destructive winter. Shame on you.

  • I wouldn't engage with the rude person featured in this video. He'd get VTKed from any raid.

  • I think this is an irresponsible video to make about such an important and impactful topic with a very very biased interviewee and with how young this system was (and still is) when you uploaded this (even if NFTs end up being fine in the future)...But obviously a very early interview with the creator(and your friend) gets a lot of views......I love this channel's content, but you guys need to follow this up or something...just feels like a lot is unsaid right now.

  • biggest bubble ive ever heard of. You cant tell me I dont own a price of that artwork when i copy paste it and then print it on a top of the line printer. As soon as people get that through their skulls the bubble pops.

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song in the background at the beginning of the video?

  • i wish i could like things twice

  • They really fixed my mans teeth for the thumbnail 😂

  • If people buying the NFT don't get the copyright then the whole thing doesn't make sense..

  • “sure people can screenshot it but no one agrees that you own it” LMAO who gives a fuck god this shit is dumb

  • Check out my recent bitcoin-themed NFT, "400ug of Bitcoin" Only 3 of 5 available!

  • I will buy his art just cause he pulls that stupid freeking mask down

  • EEclone has turned into advertising gargabe! Relentless repeats of mostly black shows, cramming them down our throats so that we hate their creations

  • Wtf is happening in this world

  • While i think NFT's are silly and largely useless... I think people who complain about the "Environmental Impacts" of NFT's are even more useless.

  • Starbucks cold brew and a red bull, and watch Beeple go!

  • s

  • a

  • e

  • bro i genuinely like the whole idea of this but im just so confused to who is paying 100.000.00 grand for a fucking picture of tom hanks punching corona virus lmaooo like who has that much money to waist. idk i understand itl go up in price overtime. but like thats just a lil crazy ion know. not like i could get anything id like cuz everything's already bought buy some fat millionaire.

  • Well now I understand more or less what this is. I heard about it last week in my Motion Design class, and just assumed they were talking about Bitcoin. Then I started seeing everyone from Getter selling the first Suh Dude video as an NFT, to Megadeth selling a 3d version of Vic Rattlehead as an NFT. I was like wtf is going on.

  • So everyone is crying about how this impacts the environment, the same way people cried about fucking straws, all the while big corporations are left unregulated to produce 70% of actual pollution.

  • Why are Yall yelling?

  • I'd pay for an NFT of beeple explaning NFT's without the 100 likes every few words

  • I screen capped this video I’m now selling it as an NFT. I’m calling it “Autistic billionaire sodomite surrounded by masktards”

  • I can’t stand wren

  • beeple is a god!