Avaldati 16 apr 2021
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  • Can we get some more metal gear solids air soft pls

  • we back baby!

  • If Node doesn't get a segment called "D's Deagles", I will unsubscibe (No I won't)

  • D “yeah I’m thinking I’m back”

  • In mode do another beseige battle royal

  • I found node first and the. Corridor and didn’t notice they were connect for about a month until I realized the same people are in these channels

  • D looks like the classic Hollywood villain that plays the character so well he comes back in the 2nd movie as a good guy!

  • Man... I miss the airsoft TTT video's

  • I did not even know you had this channel. Smart move to make this announcement video because guess what. Now you have a new subscriber to Node.

  • You are confusing me... is it a No-Dee Channel or a Dee Channel now? :D

  • I found you guys through Node. You couldn't let that part of your legacy die the way it was going to. Good on you for not letting that happen

  • Damn, that outro tho

  • Let's go!!!

  • 3:20 That bridge looks familiar

  • haha dean passing out still makes me laugh so much

  • thank god

  • This makes me SO happy. Love you guys, so glad to see a comeback! Welcome back D!

  • I missed Node. Should be fun.

  • Wren passing out and coming to like “Nani?!”

  • Who actually unsubscribed and resubscribed lol

  • Hell yeah! Happy to see Node it coming back!

  • Dear Corridor Crew, When can we get Minecraft LAN Party pt. 2?

  • YAY more airsoft! AND D&D?!! dream come true! best of luck with this next step!

  • D new DM: I have this whole curse of strahd planned out Oh you sweet summer child

  • i was there back in 2012 youtube .. im so glad for this news

  • YEA D is BACK!!

  • The question I have is are you guys bringing back SPYFALL and SPY PARTY??? #bringbackwheels

  • Node without D is No De

  • Wicked! Gonna be a blast, surely. What I like about Node is the mix between gameplay and story. I find the videos where you try to "force" a story into a game, be it PUBG or Gang Beasts, to be the best and what set Node apart from other gaming channels. Keep it up!


  • Without D, Node always felt like corridor.

  • Holy shit! NODE IS BACK!!

  • Node Airsoft videos are amazing!

  • I remember watching the Murder Mansion DnD series and I loved it so much, please do another one like that as well as whatever you already plan on making

  • Hyped for the DnD Campaign

  • YES a million times YES! I found corridor digital over freddiew1 back in the early days, and likes all of the stuff, with node however it was a closer "feeling" as a gamer myself I really enjoyed the game videos but more the real life adaptations of some of the games/ game modes we know, like BR, attacker vs defender, TTT etc. I cant wait to see more

  • I am just happy to see you guys laugh together, node has always been my favorite channel.

  • When D left I stopped watching Node. NOW WE BACK BABY

  • Man since atleast 2014 I've been watching these guys (node specifically) and knowing it's being taken over by D, I'm sure it'll be node at its greatest

  • Node actually introduced me to corridor and it holds a place in my black area where a heart should be.

  • Wtf. I’m a node og and didn’t even know about these other channels

  • Will Freddie and brandon come back too?

  • I'm so happy 🥺

  • I’m so excited man it’s crazy. I use to always call it old node and D ACTUALLY REMEMBERED THE DND CAMPAIGNS I got into dnd from it and remember rewatching the call to the wild movie so many times fuck yeah

  • Another big bear??????????????


  • Node was by far my favorite channel related to the whole crew. It's definitely what got me into the Corridor/Brandon/FreddieW crew

  • I totally forgot about Node... this brings back memories.

  • Thank you guys so much for returning Node to its former self!

  • I love your skyfall videos! Please make more :) Also AOT please!

  • react to love and monsters

  • Fuck yeah, D is back baby!

  • This made my day, Node is my #1 favorite channel.

  • I did it. I unsubbed then resubbed!

  • I misread the Title as 'NOOB is BACK '

  • D GOT STYLE! I love him.

  • Im already subscribed to Node

  • I remember Node was mainly gaming and TTT airsoft.

  • i unsubed then resubed

  • I hope there will airsoft mafia

  • Please don't forget about Spyfall games! I loved those a lot too!

  • I am so excited for a Curse of Strahd series, I and literally running it right now!!!

  • I'm not crying, u crying.

  • Can't wait for dnd session

  • I'm so damn glad guys. With due respect to you boys and girls I gotta say, the "new" content was very quickly becoming mainstream "Among Us" gaming... It killed the channel almost instantly for me once I started seeing the new stuff. GMod builds are something I love, and even then I just couldn't bring myself to watch because it felt all weird. This will be great for the channel and for all of you, and most importantly, you're bringing back the thing that we all love. I hope to meet you guys some day, and I'm gonna hug you all when I do (when the rona's up of course)

  • I’ve missed Node so much! Congrats, D!

  • THANK GOD, I cannot tell you how quickly Node went downhill after they lost D.

  • Damn I remember Node playing BF3 back in 2012 and inspired me to build my first ever gaming PC

  • I thought Nat was the showrunner?

  • There was one bit of a hope left in me that Brandon would walk in and say he was gonna rejoin node, my hope gone but one day I yearn for the return of Brandon

  • Modded minecraft

  • Im thinkin im back

  • Okay but what the fuck is that track at 3:03? I've been looking on Epidemic sound for an hour (I assume it's from there!)

  • This makes me mad happy! I hope to see more Attack on Titan parties again!!

  • I shouted at the screen with joy to hear D is running a fully mapped out Curse of Strahd campaign. I'm doing the same in less than a month for my friends too!

  • My introduction to Node came from the Video Game Olympics collab they did with Smosh way back in 2013. I've been a huge fan of Node ever since. Good times have been had and good times will be had, I'm looking forward to it.

  • Suggestion, Curse of Strahd is fun but make sure to role-play the Abbot with blue and orange morality.

  • So we ever goin to see another minecraft?


  • Watching Niko and Sam pass the torch to D and watching the footage from years ago makes me tear up as an old fan

  • Bring back the Minecraft LAN party

  • Lets gooo! I remember watching the attack on titans games back in the day, those were so fun.

  • I found Node before I found Corridor and I'm super glad it's not gonna die, they got me into airsoft and after I started playing D&D Sam helped me along the way.

  • omg we need more PUBG vids!

  • Yeah, bring us more VR videos! Boneworks is dope

  • Honestly node and corridor are the only channels from my years in middle school that I still consistently watch, and Ive copied ideas from your videos like nerf r6 siege and metal gear irl with the npc goggles lmao. Your guys’ content never fails to impress me in every way. Cant wait to see the future of node

  • Everything is about money in the end

  • Yea like y’all shoulda done

  • I followed Cerberus Arms after D left to work on that, but honestly I only saw 2 or 3 videos pop into my feed from there. So I'm betting the algorithm just fucked his channel. Glad to see him and Node making a return tho, I feel it's a very important part of corridor at least for the deep watchers like myself.

  • Heck YEah ! Node is back!!

  • Awesome, now all those whiners can stop whining

  • i've missed node videos so much, glad its back

  • I unsubscribed and subscribed... got youtube good


  • resubbed to node ❤️

  • Is there even the slightest chance that we get to see Brandon again?

  • D is back yes

  • Cant wait to see what node has coming

  • Node was my favorite YT channel I'm so glad it's back

  • Great shit, love D.