Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 30

Avaldati 13 märts 2021
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Niko and Clint are joined by stuntwoman Lauren Mary Kim. They discuss some of the most insane action scenes in Hollywood films.
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  • Ong Bak has been one of my favourite action movies since it came out, it's just so fun to watch.

  • Can you get Jason David Frank on to talk about power rangers? He played Tommy Oliver


  • Once upon a time in China 2!

  • Next time Gui is on the show, get him to tell us all about the time he got to wail on Conan O' Brien. And get Steven Ho on a show with Gui since maybe they know each other?

  • Please do a react to "The Night Comes for Us" on Netflix... amazing fight sequences...

  • STUNTMEN REACT TO HBO's BARRY. The fight scene in season 2 ep 5, Barry vs Ronny. one of the most realistic fight scenes ive ever scene.

  • pulimurugan south indian movie

  • Kitana from MK 11 ?

  • Oof, I JUST noticed the gaff you have where you show Power Rangers Dino CHARGE, but put the title of Dino Thunder over it.

  • It's crazy how common knowledge could get you by on some of these movies as a stunmen.

  • The fighting in stargirl is done well but the show is to rushed

  • Please tell me you guys have seen the warehouse scene from Tony Jaa's Tom-Yum-Goong, also known as The Protector. In that scene he back flips into a handstand over an over 6ft gap with a drop onto a small ledge and later in that same scene he wall runs into a back flip on a pane of glass over the quad bike that was chasing him which then smashes through the glass that Tony Jaa just ran up and propelled a back flip off of

  • That's Dino charge 5:25 lot Dino Thunder.

  • Would you look at K-DRamas? Legend of the Blue sea has a godd scene

  • Way to Power Ranger bait me, I wanted to see more of that.

  • you NEED to break down some of the stunts in Chocolate (2008) - Pretty sure a lot of those people got hurt!

  • You guys should get some NY stunt performers on your show.

  • We need a whole episode dedicated to Warrior

  • You guys have to take a look at the stunts in blues brothers

  • Next time please do the night comes for us there is a scene where a guy just gets man handled into a pool table

  • how about the ronny/lily ep from Barry

  • Do the Tony Jaa bone breaking fight scene, if you know you know

  • You should invite scott atkins, he interviews stars, stuntmen, maybe stuntwomen. A kung continuously punching in the face, it's said they use rubber hands. Maybe harry potter's stunt double david holmes too, he's paralysed while filming.

  • Riggers Jesus it’s 2021

  • Barry Season 2 Episode 5 has an awesome action sequence with a child doing some stunts

  • Teen wolf series vfx reaction please

  • I'd love to see what you think of the first scene of Master Ninja 1, it starts with the main character being tossed through a window and then 4 bikers wrecking. It looks ROUGH.

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

  • 5:25 That's not DinoThunder, that's DinoCharge, which aired in 2015. lol

  • Reason why Ong bak is awesome cause they use muay thai a combat style that actually work in fighting not kung fu or karate or some steven segal shit.

  • I worked for the company that made the Fennec helmet. The digital sculpt was great, but the final product looked like ass in-person. Also, it was a union job done by a non-union shop. Whoops.

  • If there is one fight seen you have to react to it's Crouching Tigher Hidden Dragon, the weapon fight, Yú Xiùlián vs Yù Jiāolóng. This fight is incredible...

  • Do you guys do cartons because I have one that’s about lord of the rings

  • You guys should react to some stunts from The man with the iron fists.

  • You should do a reaction video on Yayan Ruhian a.k.a Mad Dog.

  • Make an episode dedicated to “cool guys doesn’t look at the explosions”

  • Can you do "Once upon a time in China 2" Jet Li vs Donnie Yen

  • Which jimmy is that

  • 1:07 That is pretty much exactly what I got on my head. Uhm. Ok 😂

  • The ethereal hail prudently confuse because thunderstorm neuropathologically wonder over a noisy description. needless, ugliest camp

  • As for the “clean fights,” topic, I think its because martial arts movies traditionally starred martial artists rather than actors. So in the old days, you could see Van Dammage doing those spinning heel kicks, you got to see Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris plying their craft. At the same time, you saw Arnold clumsily brawling and Stallone keeping his Rocky moves fresh, but not doing what anyone would consider true, “martial arts.” As fighting styles became more normalized in modern culture, it was just assumed that any movie badass should be a master. So as real actors started getting roles(like Matt Damon and Liam Neeson), they had to find ways to show they knew some shit. Solution? Jump cuts and fast editing. Now, we’re circling back and actors are also taking training seriously(Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale) so we get to see the moves again...

  • love you guys! please break down the episode "ronny/lily" of Barry season 2. you guys would love ever second of that episode

  • warrior is genuinely one of the most underrated shows. its SO good. action, writing, acting it has it all edit: also the main star, andrew koji, is a real ass black belt

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  • Holy shit Lauren's a power ranger!!!!

  • John Woo Hardboiled!!!

  • Shows power Rangers Dino charge. Says power Rangers Dino thunder. Me: Poor editor, I hope they get a break

  • T O N Y J A A

  • I was recently re-watching Braveheart and - because of your videos - noticed a lot of the stunt work more than I have in the past. The battle scenes have a mix of good and questionable stunts done and I'd love to have a professional break down how they were done and what they think of them

  • the scene from Happy Gilmore where Adam Sandler gets beaten up by the old dude

  • Have you done the Kingsmen Church fightscene?

  • Please do some of the Korean tactical movies (with TKD styles), like City of Violence or Man from Nowhere-where people are kicking off of walls, and jumping 720 kicks are the norm.

  • I want to see you breakdown scene where t1000 jumps on helicopter on bike

  • No Hardcore Henry clips? Aww man, you're missing so much guys :D

  • Please do season 2 episode 5 fight scene from the HBO show Barry!! I was super impressed

  • What about one of the best Kung fu movies of all time? Where’s Kung fu hustle?

  • Stuntmen react: Surf Ninjas!

  • React to CROCODILE HUNTER: collision course alligator wrestle scene

  • Take a look at The High Chaparral season 1 episode 2. There are quite a few stunts in that one.

  • Y’all should react to the DC animated movies. Specifically the ones where Damien Wayne is involved. Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin and Batman Bad Blood

  • You should do a react to The Order of the Black Eagle where the dude gets his head ran over with an atv.

  • Breaking Bad has a stunt that I don’t think gets enough credit, probably because it is from that one episode everyone skips when they’re rewatching the series...yes the fly episode ( episode 10, season 3, around the 9th minute mark) it’s the one where Walter is holding onto the railing when he is trying to kill the fly, but he falls off, hits and bounces off of one of those big metallic meth tanks. However, the camera moves in on Walter laying on the floor in the same shot and you can clearly see it’s the actor Bryan Cranston. Obviously they used a stunt performer for the actual stunt, but how they were able to seamlessly blend the stunt performer and the actor together in the same shot without the use of a hidden cut ( I think) or deepfake technology still baffles me

  • Discombobulate scene from Sherlock Holmes is really fun

  • A new fun one that relates to a few of the other videos is the Eric Andre fall in Bad Trip on Netflix right now xD

  • I don’t know if this was already shown but Live and Let Die - The crocodile scene, with real crocs, I wanna see them react to that.

  • do like a paintball episode from community lmao

  • You should do the scene from "Once upon a time in the West" . On 2:10:00 the stant with the guy on the roof

  • Watch Hardcore Henry!

  • The rebel (2007) vietnamese martial arts movie. Incredible fight scenes. Haven't seen in maybe 10 years (not available anywhere) but it left an impression.

  • Can you guys react to the Gangs of London fight scenes

  • You guys should cover The Long Kiss Goodnight. Particularly the stunt where Sam Jackson's character drives a car out of the back of a truck and there's a hilarious greenscreen effect on the guy jumping out of the way. The rest of the movie has some really solid action and stuntwork, though. Probably worth a look.

  • Netflix We Can Be Heros Guppy fight scene my kids love that part

  • For the next one can you do some of the stunts from the Beverly Hills cop movies

  • Let’s see more ong bak scenes. Every action sequence is mind blowing.

  • I think you guys should react to the Doom fight between Sarge and Reaper.

  • You guys should react to the movie Mile 22! Countless incredible fight scenes, including the fight scene in the lab!! I think Iko Uwais does all his own stunts. Incredible stunts!

  • You should do a video with Zoe Bell discussing her stunt work with Quentin Tarantino (she was Uma's stunt double in Kill Bill). In particular her stunt work in Death Proof was phenomenal (the movie; not so much, but that car sequence, when they were going full speed and she was hanging off the hood, wow boy! Impressive work).

  • hoping for a reaction to the warehouse scene in batman v superman where batman fights multiple guys at the same time 🙏

  • Stuntmen react: Inception's hallway fight scene

  • Batman begins: his first bat jump

  • Why have you guys not covered jet li movies yet? Also, check out iron monkey..!

  • Check out the train sequence of Broken Arrow

  • Have you guys looked at IP man?

  • Another great episode. There's a decent fight scene in a Canadian show called Murdoch Mysteries. The episode is in Season 7. It's called Kung Fu Crabtree, and the fight is around the 25:00 mark. Maybe check it out?

  • Dear lord 😂 you could hear that in the back seats 🤟

  • stuntmen react to revenger

  • Hilarious! Guy in the middle is wearing Aftershock headphones in a Raycon sponsored video.

  • I'd love to see a reaction to the fight scene on top of trucks in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  • hey guys, you should look at the big fight scene in Warrior from season 2 episode 9.

  • Can we get the Casino Royals stairwell fight scene??

  • You have to review more of Warrior! There’s so many great fight scenes in it.

  • Why would a stunt person get so much plastic surgery? Your face literally doesn't matter.

  • Bungee jump from helicopter scene in Demolition Man!

  • So this probably won't get upvoted because I don't know how many people are watching it, but Netflix has a new Korean Drama that's still dropping episodes. It's called 'Sisyphus:The Myth,' and while its CGI is effective but not really something to rave about, their fights and stunts (and tightly-written narrative) are all high tier. Specifically in episode 10, near the beginning, one of the main characters, Gang Seo-hae, is breaking out of a facility where she has been captured and [briefly] tortured, and she throws her assailant across the arms of the chair that was formerly cuffing her down in a really gnarly move and I have no idea how the stunt guy was even up for it because it looks super painful. Episode 11 also has a really well choreographed fight scene in an elevator between another character and his would-be assassin.

  • Love for you guys to have a look at gangs of London particularly episode 5

  • In the Netflix movie "The King", there was this behind the scenes footage where a horse just straight up rushed at an armoured knight and knocked him to the ground.

  • You should react to tenet

  • You should react to tenet

  • You should react to tenet