We Try Using VFX to Attract Women

Avaldati 14 veebr 2021
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The Crew decides to help Matt find a Valentine's date by giving his Tinder profile a FVX Makeover - the question is.. is this what women really want?
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  • Boys out here giving away all my top ten pro lifehacks the experts hate to tell you.

  • 1:33 not to get weird but Jake is lookin dilfy 👁👅👁

  • Dudes fire fighter training is no joke! I seen fit men and fat men do the same work outs and training and the fat men lasted. I did and lost so much weight and leaned thousand of things. How to put out a fire how to read to the fire read the potential hazards and how to safely rescue someone without exerting so much energy and time p. Even someone big as some of these guys. And weapon of mass destruction! After 9\11 they stepped up the funding and training for fire fighters and the programs that train them. I am specialized in hazardous awareness and operating. NFPA 1001 1&2 courses. Took us over a month to do simple to advanced techniques and method of safely work and rescue them. The only shitty thing is my reserve in Canada didn't want to use me!! Spend money on things thhat mattered!! They spend hundreds on hockey! Hockey ! For f sakes! Natives need hockey to live up here I guess make another great hockey player. But when they reduce and careless about fire safety. Ppl die. And they did. Five plus A mom died in a house fire over a year ago. And still havent done anything. I stopped trying too and get them to be more. But money and greed is real. Gotta have family to work on top. Sucks.

  • i liked this vid but i really don’t remember watching this

  • Is no depth ..in these fake pictures

  • bruh i thought this vid was way older

  • 13:37 why is 33% of the crew wearing these lumberjack shirts? At first I thought you were Canadian, but then I googled and saw you guys are in LA. So what's up? Did LA fashion sense die?

  • 'Harry Potter is like Star Wars but for women.' That's top 10 best quotes for sure.

  • When they said act of heroism, the cc went act of harrassment. 😂

  • Can't believe I'm typing this, but... I love the sponsored segment!

  • why is there christmas music in the background?! xD

  • "He's tryin', tryin' to catch a fish in the big sea." - let's hope it's not a Catfish he catches...

  • I only have sense of humor also emotionless

  • i have a perfect partner for single men to spend their Valentine's day Express.... jake

  • 0:35 we're going to see a bald Niko real soon

  • Starts at 4:39

  • Jake Paul

  • Love the way you guys plug your sponsors

  • These guys are all clueless

  • I love this episode is basiclly that episode in any show of all the characters trying to help one character get the girl and having their own different ways of looking attractive, but in the end the character just had to “be himself”. Like that one episode of Sonic Boom for example.

  • if you lie about your interests and passions to make people like you, you probably won't like those people because you have nothing in common with them. if you're genuine, you're more likely to find someone you actually like.

  • Why is it at 15:40 it starts to play silent night?

  • aam is a comedian

  • 1:20 I thought she was a female

  • Honestly guys, this was one of my favorites! I'd love to see more" VFX Solutions for Practical Life Applications" Holy crap. That's actually a great new playlist for you to start 😮 Thanks again for the great content Crew!!

  • Gordon Ramsey's head is WAY too big for his body, lol

  • Why is the outro set to Silent Night xD

  • harry potter is like star wars for women HAHAHAH

  • 5:37 lmao! @ that quick shot of Jake telling them to wrap it up quick, and stop wasting company time 😂 Classic Jake

  • Jake and his renders smh

  • Me listening this through raycons... Uuu

  • nobody looks for dates on tinder lmao

  • "mfmfmfffffphphph..... mmhmfhphphpph, phhhphphhpmmhmhphph" Fucking idiotic lmfao I couldn't finish the video with these dumbass masks

  • I wasn't sure if you said all the women or older women

  • I skip every ad except Jake’s. He is simply amazing

  • “I’ll forever be in your debt” “Sounds good” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ewww just bass disgusting.

  • Hmm. Do you have a criminal record?

  • What's with the logo Christmas music lmao

  • Yo can you pimp mine

  • The tranquil boy subcellularly punish because coil ignificantly colour toward a cowardly may. aboard, offbeat loan

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • Diggin the Christmas music around 16:10


  • 0:01 mdma

  • aka catfishing lmao

  • The outro was really encouraging

  • Title:-$@@/@@ Me ok this is call content

  • Best way is to lean into your interests/quirks. You don't want to attract everyone. Just the ones that will really appreciate you for you.

  • Jake casually reading D&D books

  • He should of used Tinder Boost or created a brand new profile. His profile was most likely not even being shown due to tinder's algorithm. I guarantee if he used boost he would've gotten a buncha matches cuz these are awesome

  • *three years later he is happily married with 2 kids*

  • I got a gordon ramsey masterclass ad lol

  • "Harry Potter is like Star Wars for women"

  • 1:19 yeah.. I don’t think anybody needs to hear or cares to hear dating tips from a fucking 2.4 affirmative action hire with has a man’s voice.

  • waiting for gordon ramsay to watch this video

  • Better title: grown men trying to figure out what women like

  • Pls react to jalexrosa madara and obito tiktok video

  • This guy is actualy decent looking. What he realy needs is a style advice. Lose the hats, the flanels, get him some nice shirt, make him go to the gym for 4 weeks to work on shoulders, no candy to lose the belly fat, some good haircut and he is ready for dating.

  • sounds a lot like catfishing

  • Please react on pakistani movie shots cgi SHER DILL DOGFIGHT SCENE PAKISTANI AIRFORCE FIGHT WITH INDIAN AIRFORCE 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 YOU WILL LOVE IT. THE STANDARD I THINK SO.

  • Is it just me or is the song in the background at the every end a lowfi “silent night” 😂

  • And this is called catfishing

  • You nailed how to describe Tinder. Uber for girls

  • 3:20 is she a he or is he a she

  • "Tinder, it's like Uber for girls" This is pure gold.

    • All I was thinking is Bojack Horseman abracadabra

  • It's the drawn glasses for me 😂

  • i just imagine the dump looking through the trash and finding a random piece of paper that says what do women want

  • How can romance be dead if it never was alive?

  • Jordan's a great person

  • when i heard matt, i thought the one from wii sports

  • "Harry Potter is like Star Wars for women" Big Cap

  • Every time I see Jake, I think Lawyer, Wesley, and Ad.

  • Really funny sponsor time this time hehe, good job guys :)

  • Why is Silent Night playing in the background at 15:50?

  • 10:16 EeEeeeee

  • Dude, I'd you don't have a Valentine on V day, enjoy your Freedom!

  • it kinda makes me cringe how lame the conversation subtext is

  • 1:21 wtf is that thing? Not shocked it's having trouble finding romance. Well, maybe a little considering they live in the freak show known as L.A.

  • Wait, nat is a dude??

  • You guys should make Peppa Pig 🐷 PG-13 HEHEHEHEHEHE

  • I watch a lot of your videos

  • "Romance is dead." says the dude masquerading as a chick? or do they even know?

  • What's with the christmas music ... ;D

  • Did you just diss Harry Potter fans? Shameless cis men.

  • the other day i read something on reddit that said: they won't find someone "better than you." they will find some better *FOR* them, than you. and, so will you. p.s. - and that's okay. --- idk man, that just hit differently.

    • I put that in my nice quotes book, literally.

  • This is the best video

  • Is Nat single cause she's sooo cute 🥺

  • girl :- he's probably cheating on me ! me and the boys :- 0:46

  • Poo

  • "Harry Potter is like Star Wars... but for women..." -Sam 2021 Well said brother👏😂

  • I'm guessing 'pimp' is not a term you want to use in your profile...

  • Tinder is like uber for girls is the funniest shit ive ever heard

  • I met my wife during a flood.

  • Magic one is the best.

  • 3:18 AKATSUKI mask

  • Jake has no other job anymore, his job is just "sponsor guy"

  • Better title would be “we try using vfx to pick up girls and record it this time, instead of just doing it when we should be working.” Great video, and you guys don’t need to do this I’m sure, but you can’t blame a guy for using every tool in his arsenal

  • They say it can't be done. They called me a madman.

  • Alternate title Vfx artists get bored and catfish women (POLICE CALLED!!!)