Using VFX to become Handsome Squidward

Avaldati 28 veebr 2021
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The Crew seizes the opportunity to use virtual production to create their most handsome forms.
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  • Made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair!

  • Clint is already handsome ;) handsome Squidward Clint is just too much my brain is gonna explode

  • Congratulations, you all failed!!!!!!!! None of you created a Handsome Squidward!! It was just a deformed capture...👎

  • dayum, as cool as this was. that lipsync on handsome squidward. noice. *micro peter ftw*

  • 4:56 i always learn something new that, as an artist, and letsplayer, helps me solve problems in those areas. so one at the moment is lighting my face in a dark room for a letsplay. i just got a daylight bulb and new lamp. it looks ok having it light my face, but, it just doesnt look right. then i see this. BOOM mind blown. i just made a new set up where im gonna be recording in the corner of the room (to help dampen sound etc. but now ive seen this with the light facing my camera not me, yet it would light me? thats mad. i just messed with it as soon as i saw it with my phone and bedside lamp, and it works so much better than just lighting my face directly. so thank guys. now if i letss play late at nite, i can still make myself consistently bright.

  • You guys should do virtual dungeons and template to make our custom 3D scenario

  • mmm so handsome squidward!

  • I love how spongebob says "youre even more handsome now" thats wholesome as heck

  • This is THE BEST thing I've seen yet from Corridor Crew...

  • * Zac Efron has joined the conversation *

  • “The OnePlus... of using iPhone.” Hmmm... anyone else catch that?

  • It almost looks like claymation. Very cool effect.

  • Daz Studio does this too.

  • Those photos they took, damn, hello gentlemen. Cool project guys!

  • 12:27 whats the song?

  • He’s Gary Youngman

  • This is my fav crew episode

  • Micro Peter 😂😭😭

  • Why does nico look just like Russel Brand??

  • Can you guys do something crazy with metahuman

  • Anybody know why the phone screen is orange at 4:30?

  • Dude It looks just like The Weekend’s music video

  • I heard someone mention Titans. Now you have to do one where you turn yourselves into Titans from AoT.

  • They couldn't do Wren because he's already too beautiful. If they tried adding more, it would just result in people having seizures when attempting to gaze upon his radiance.

  • they have tech that are thousands of dollars and this is what they made... I love it ❤️

  • I have had a plan my entire life to become a marine biologist. But I have watched your guys videos for around 4-5 years now and I have always found everything you guys do absolutely fascinating. And now when I finally had the chance to get in to the education I have wanted for almost 8 years I said no. Just to start and education in 3d modeling and hopefully learn vfx in the future, and I just have to thank you guys! I really hope you keep inspiring other people to lead from your example and do what you want! Thank you for the damn high quality content for all these years and for all the years to come!

    • That’s so awesome, I wish you all the luck @chrisaroonnie

  • shrotestblockbustre attack on titan its bussin

  • where 1 mill likes

  • damn this program is sick🙌🙌🙌🔥

  • Man! this guys are awesome Imagine if these guys had big budget they would have made a masterpiece ❤️

  • Next, using VFX to become titan

  • 3:23 woah there

  • 4:39 what the **** I'm surprised no one wrote this in comment😂

  • 😂 peters 😂

  • E

  • Perfect Sam: Beef jerkey in motion

  • 13:14 He's living the dream job my dudes

  • 18:40 "And up next we have...*whispers* are you sure this is the actual name? Yeah? alright. *ehem* 'Meth Stripper Jesus'. "

  • Griffin That’s a cool name

  • 10:06 just gonna leave that here

  • This video is so fucking weird

  • You guys should react to "The Yin Yang Master" , it's just next level CG from China

  • for some reason I mistaken this person for markiplier and I see why 1:06

  • Yay goat simulator !

  • Sam's handsome squidward looks like if Russel brand was in rock band

  • i love how this channel does ridiculous shit for no real reason they just apparently woke up and said yeah lets make real squidward today

  • Pog

  • can you make a video on best music videos effects ? will smith's welcome to miami looks great I want to know what techniques were used ? Like you people showed in one of your videos about MJ's face changing video effect was great

  • 9:15 looks like mf titan

  • “Sam, as soon as I capture your likeness. I’m gonna turn you into a Neanderthal and send a picture to Sarah” *nice friendship*

  • America’s beauty standards are getting out of hand

  • he became average enjoyer

  • ARK ppl be like

  • niko looks like a wwe 2k character

  • Is this a JoJo reference?

  • Love the channel being subbed for over a year this is my first recommendation, superman & Lois on CW has so much of a better production quality than the rest of the CW DC shows do a comparison please! Plus you know that covering superhero content is view galore!

  • wtf is this?!😂😂 I love it!

  • Lord Farquad

  • 8:20 I think that sam is a sith lord

  • Guys, you gotta to try fixing the CG Black Panther fight. It needs to be done! FOR THE CULTURE!!

  • Niko’s was the best 💀💀💀😂

  • The editing on this was amazing!

  • For real i was just skipping every second

  • Yall should really do NFT stuff

  • I'm scared and impressed at the same time

  • What the name of that song in Nicos walkout I feel like I heard it before

  • Niko looks like a Titan

  • this looks and feels like you're just watching entrances to characters in a WWE game

  • Y’all are the future of Hollywood

  • The scary parallelogram conversantly pray because trial informally fix as a irritating belgian. unhealthy, juvenile rhinoceros

  • "Micro Peter" 😂😂

  • I would seriously love to join these guys and know what they know! It's so freaking awesome hahaha

  • peters confidence is astonishing

  • peter = brett

  • I used to be straight, until I saw MicroPeter...

  • Oh, cool, you have your own trancegender in the building 19:50

  • There's the human football player, buff dude, guy who skipped limbs day, and then just straight up King Farquaad on steroids

  • Gotta start calling Peter, " Gary Youngman" now.

  • I need some bleach for my eyes

  • How Catfishing in 2077 be like 😂

  • Do DIABLO CLASSIC, for your virtual studio video. Make it seem very serious, I mean it’s in some dark age and Aden was a traveling warrior who just walked into the demon posed mess of a town, and their towns people where kinda shady too.


  • sam looks like a jojo charactrer for some reason i dont know why

  • Okay, guys, hear me out: *Monster Factory collab with Griffin and Justin McElroy* using this software.

  • What the Marleyans be doing to Eldians at 3am

  • Tiiiiiiitttttttaaaann!!!!!!

  • Boob alert

  • 8:29 Handsome Clint is literally just Act Man's doppleganger

  • 18:43 Dan Avidan from Game Grumps

  • The dry grandfather reassuringly fasten because attraction independently wipe qua a macho baker. delicate, lush hill

  • Aside from the meme you guys should've tried your faces if they were perfectly proportioned

  • Each of this men are already Handsome. i'm very attracted to them

  • Sam turned into Steven Tyler

  • The over exaggerated responses from the the guys in the background is hilarious. Not sure if it's supposed to be funny or they're just trying too hard.

  • why everyone in the team wear this sort of headphones in their backhead?

  • the weeknd

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • These look like Titans! lol

  • Why did you change the title from My friend was ugly so i made him look like hansome squidward with vfx

  • 17:53 JERMA