We Put a Camera on a Falcon!

Avaldati 28 märts 2021
Insta360 Go 2 camera ► www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?insrc=INRJUSQ Thanks to Insta360 for partnering with us on this video!
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Inspired by his new Insta360 GO 2 camera, Wren attempts to be the first person to put it on back of a
Huge thanks to The Falconry Experience ► thefalconryexperience.com/
And also a special thanks to Maya Higa for helping us out with this project! ► www.twitch.tv/maya
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  • What would YOU put a Insta360 Go 2 Camera? www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?insrc=INRJUSQ

    • Back in its box.

    • On (in) a baseball.

    • 360 Camera on a boomerang!

    • A cat so you know what they do when they disappear for two hours

    • put it on a shepherding dog! ^_^

  • I think you should put a gopro in the back of a greyhound, i heard they run very faster

  • My fucking worlds are colliding right now. Corridor and Maya? This might be as close as we get to an OTK crossover.

  • Almost had to vfx Not losing a finger on that bandsaw! Holy moly 🤣

  • On a scorpian

  • But why?

  • There's a footage of a falcon being droped from Burj Khalifa. Sorry you not original here.

  • How is wren not a dad yet, and I quote "making them tiktoks like you do"

  • 8:16 **wren has now been banned fro the usa**

  • bird up!

  • can't believe you stuck your fingers in the bansaw without turning it off lmfao🤦‍♀️

  • Name these segments "adventures with wren" I love these videos. His excitement is amazing. Put the small camera through plumbing. See where it ends up

  • They can make a home-made colonoscopy footage

  • The falcon's flight is so controlled and stable

  • Good god this camera has no motion blur or something

  • Ok, so the Corridor Cinematic Universe has merged with Maya, Mizkif, etc.'s Cinematic Universe, which.......means that Ryanhiga's Cinematic Universe is here as well

  • 8:18 bird up

  • Put it on a baseball during a major Ieague game and get the batter to hit a grand slam.

  • That 3d print was so obviously for show only - why not just order them their own camera? 😆

  • Not sure it's actually a first, Nat Geo did a GoPro on a falcon a few years ago and I think I remember seeing someone put one on a peregrine too. Still pretty cool though!

  • dont use gloves with a bandsaw dumb dumb

  • it gets done all the time you showed a video of a camera on a falcon at the intro at 0:18, that was a hood mounted camera on 1 of 2 falcons flying in a cast at crows whole video is amazing i suggest it.

  • Someone put that falcon on the go pro channel.

  • Ah yes wren building something and using tools the wrong way!!! Classic corridor crew! NO GLOVES WREN. Plz be safe ;)

  • Birds are very birdy! - Just slap that falcon to behave then! :)

  • 8:17 BIRD UP!

  • my two suggestions are to put the camera on an air kite with a very long cord. The other idea, however, is more dangerous than not getting it back. you attach the camera to the model boat and let it sail across the waterfall.

  • is it waterproof? putting it at the end of a fishing line would be neat! you can see how the fish react to it, if you put it well above the bait nothing would eat it

  • Maya !!!!

  • Fuck! Now I want an Insta360, and adorable bird like this falcon.


  • miz frogs

  • What does "jury-rigged" mean? lol

  • A squirrel

  • I understand this like sequel to birdemic

  • That is so. Cool. I was just a falcon for a second. UGH.. Now where is my winter soldier? lol

  • Use double sided tapes

  • I am confused with, Nat

  • Freedom Slapped!

  • Put camera on Falcon 9 next! :D

  • WTF Maya I’m a corridor video? I was just watching Miz! Never expected this but I’m all for it

  • 13:50 That looked like something out of a movie! Like when they are swooping down over a battlefield or something! Wow!

  • How long is it water proof for? Maybe on a fish?

  • Th dramatic music makes it a 1000 times better

  • not me going back to Nat to see the mask that they were wearing bc im a nerd and i like the akatsuki to much

  • Baseball

  • VIDEO IDEA: Have somebody walk around a room (or some other environment) with an eye-tracking camera rigged to a helmet of some kind. Collect data from eye-tracking camera to assess which points in the environment the person’s eyes move to. Then REBUILD the environment in 3D, and have the virtual camera move exactly as the eyes did in real life. This way you could see how the human eye moves around a scene! It would be fascinating to see, as our eyes move more frequently than we know. We don’t perceive the motion because our eye muscles communicate with our brain, which allows us to “calibrate” to the movement.

  • Put it on a model rocket

  • “falcons aren’t magnetic” *yea, wren thanks*

  • Pigeon beaks are magnetic

  • seeing those falcons was amazing i love them so much

  • Why do birds have human friends? What's stopping them from peacing the f out?

  • Should've titled this "POV Wren eats you"

  • You should put a camera on the head of a chicken and use it as a motion stabilizing gimbal

  • In the middle of a global pandemic, Wren naturally puts a camera on everything in the office and then puts it in his mouth.

    • Meh germs are germs. We’ll learn to live with it

  • Do a bottle flip with it

  • The planet's modern dinosaurs. ^_^

  • Awesome! Just awesome! And Eagles are the most beautiful birds on earth!

  • It's magnetic, so it sticks to Wren?! XD

  • Watching Wren use tools is at once both frightening and confusing. Like, you can turn off the bandsaw, then grab the part. Also, a grinding stone on plastic?

  • Bird up!

  • Now try it on Eagle so we can see the dive

  • Put it on a squirrel!!!

  • Put one in space.

  • Can you guys please consider make Superman with a go pro part 2, but using an FPV drone?

  • Are you going for a world record in most mid-rolls?

  • I want to get smacked in the face by a Bald Eagle!!

  • Yo Maya Higa PogChamp

  • Macgyverism with paper clips!

  • Wren! Don't wear gloves when using a bandsaw! You may think they're giving you protection but they may actually get caught on the sawblade and pull your hand into the cutting path!

  • Now that falcon is definitely showing his moves

  • No way, I watch Maya all the time, great collab!

  • You just know Ren was definitely wanting the falcon to go muuuuch higher than that

  • Peregrine falcons be reaching a top speed of 240mph when diving.

  • I also put a camera on a falcon*. An extremely bulky old fashioned camera. The falcon could not fly and is indeed still recovery from its injuries. *I did not in fact do this


  • "ARE YOU WATCHING SHRIMP" "n-no" dying xDD

  • "obviously falcons are not magnetic" *Scratches out notebook* "Yes... Obviously"

  • put it on a cat !

  • That bird up reference really caught me off guard

  • Put it on a bar-headed goose during migration - they fly over the Himalayas up to an altitude of ~8 km but it takes them from 7 hours to almost a whole day to do it. It would be awesome to capture footage of the start at sea level over the top of the mountains. They also tend to hug the ground, climbing altitude with the slopes of the range so it should be very scenic.

  • Lmao the Bird Up reference

  • Put it on a cheetah

  • Falcon : basa jawane Alap-alap 🤭

  • try putting it on a snake

  • The bald eagle has judged and determined your fate on terms of unAmerican behavior. Sentence: death

  • Bird Up !!!

  • I would like to see it shot out of a literal musket or hand cannon.

  • penguin

  • 9:38 for the actual footage starting. You're welcome. Also Wren, one quick youtube search and you would've seen National Geographic did this exact same thing 4 years ago.

  • Put it on a turtle

  • How does it feel being slapped in the face by freedom, Wren 😂

  • I remember @mrwhosetheboss reviewing this camera. It’s amazing!

  • Hi, that was pretty awesome. How about putting one camera on a tenis racket and another on tennis ball and make like a transition or something. Another idea is golf ball, but idk if the camera is small enought.

  • That camera is almost the size of a nerf dart, just saying

  • That it’s always Sunny reference got me

  • You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention

  • You should've thrown the bird off a big building

  • "I'm going to use my arms to propel myself into the sky!" That sounds so cool though!

  • great video but where is the covid safety?