Why I Left my Dream Job

Avaldati 14 märts 2021
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Clint is leaving his full-time job at Corridor to follow his dreams.
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  • Well miss

  • I’m gonna miss Clint... one of the best

  • In order to follow his dreams he must leave a dream

  • I still miss him on the reaction videos.

  • only video that i wish it was clickbait😔😔😔😔😥

  • :( guess he gotta go someday

  • Good luck!

  • I watched Clint grow up here...Now, he's leaving the nest. Via con Dios, man. 💜🖖 Btw 2 words: Bosstown Dynamics!!! 😸

  • This feels so insincere at points

  • You guys should definitely check out Love, Death + Robots that series is full CGI and it's just awesome, hope you do a VFX artist react on that sometime... 😁👍

  • I have learned a lot from watching Corridor. Clint, you will be missed here. Def checking your youtube channel out

  • Proud of this man for adapting to what he wanted to do. He has a new goal and the only way to send him off is with happy faces. Best of luck C. Hope everything works out.

  • In the reactions i was expecting Peter to casually just be like "who's Clint?"

  • Is that on wall paper engine?

  • Im really proud of Clint regardless of if wen or someone told me to be lol

  • Holy crap was I hit with nostalgia from that taxes clip. Which video is that from again?

  • gonna miss you mate.

  • We don't want you to leave

  • He can't compete for the office Sylvester Stallone now 😔

  • This is an amazing video, its inspiring to see someone taking a leap of faith but also to see such a positive and supportive enviroment CC have got as a company. Clearly a great group of people to work with.

  • Damn! End of an era.. But good for Clint, good luck man

  • Heroes come and go. But legends are forever.

  • This made me genuinely sad, but I'm happy you are persuing your dream :')

  • Carry on man! Go forth on your journey and may your dreams come true!⚡️🤟🏼

  • Good luck and brighter days Clint. You were awesome and will be sorely missed and not just by the Corridor Crew

  • I wish you the best Clint. May you succeed in this next step!

  • At least Clint, *beep*in came back for *beep*in Beeples, couldn't *beep*in miss that, like *beep beep beep* that'd be awful, holy *beeeeeeeep*

  • Beeple fired him

  • Clint totally forgot "The assistant to the regional manager" as career goal first!

    • Also isn't this a bit of an overreaction to losing his fifth Impersonator Olympics in sequence? :D

  • About time, worst of the crew

  • This was posted on my birthday. Worst birthday gift ever. Good luck Clint, you will be sorely missed

  • He did it! He mixed the sponsors on purpose! What a champ

  • I'm still sad, no matter what the guys say.

  • Awww, Clint

  • We miss you Clint:_(

  • Damn u guys r just crazy good and talented~

  • He is leaving to binge watch movies he hasn't seen

  • I just caught up to this channel. Maybe I don't have the emotional connection to this guy, but When he doesn't know half the movies they talk about in VFX episodes or the Stunt shows, I wonder why the fuck they kept this guy around. Dude claims to love movies but hasn't seen half of the stuff shown. Like he's just that crappy hipster friend that doesn't see stuff or claims not to see stuff to seem contrarian. Honestly like watching and constantly seeing the troupe of the hipster dude they have to explain the what movie it is on a channel about movies is such a waste of time. if it wouldn't be an even bigger waste of time to add up all the time wasted that people have to sit through, I would do it.

  • whats the movie with charles xavier

  • His back right?

  • Bro i watched card board warfare like b4 even freddiew, im just finding out that was you. God bless and godspeed clint

  • #BeProudOfClint

  • You have to remember to keep your eyes on your goals, because it's easy to get sidetracked, even if that detour is a pleasant one -- in fact those are the ones you have to be the most wary of.

  • Clint was my hero.... because he was not the Marvel Guy...

  • It's been a long amazing journey since the Canon 550D days.

  • Jake never fails to amaze me. P.S. Love ya Clint

  • My phone broke a month ago and I missed this video 😦

  • F to pay respect.

  • Clint left because Beeple broke his Death Stranding limited edition figurine.

  • So happy for you Clint. Reach for your dreams man. But at the same time. Can't help but be sad to see you go 😭

  • Best actor in corridor digital videos.

  • Don't fall for it, the Netflix South Park is 1 full season and then "classic episodes" Amazon Prime has all the seasons.

  • 2:39-2:50 is my thoughts EVERY day of my life

  • I am new to the channel but I'll say the thumbnails aren't attractive and the theme is contrasting to the content

  • Godspeed Clint Godspeed

  • I've never thought I would see a sponsor promotion in a goodbye call.

  • Best of luck Clint. Already subbed to your channel.

  • 2:56 holy shit sam looks like Buzz McCallister from home alone

  • Good luck brother!! Thanks for all of work Clint! ✌🏾❤️

  • I feel that even though it's a sad day for everyone there will be an even bigger improvement in Clint and corridor

  • man def sad news but happy for him. Kinda different but I first saw him in the Aot videos on Node and really loved his personality. Cool that he was apart of that aot node squad and will continue to see where he goes! I like the smash grind story LOL and hope to see him back for a future smash tournament!

  • Wishing Clint the best in his journey

  • I love you Clint

  • EEclone: why am I just seeing this! Clint I thought you were on vacation 🥺

  • 4:17 dude you broke niko's heart

  • Is it not because he is on college humour and on that try guys show I mean he is doing a lot

  • Man this as sad when I heard Freddy and Brandon split.

  • I was about to click on vpn link instead of his channel

  • I'm going to miss Clint. I know he'll be back, and I follow his channel, but Corridor will be different. He's so talented and versatile and, dare I say, absolutely beautiful inside and out. Best of luck in your endeavours, Clint!

  • 9:10

  • First it was car Michael, but now Clint 😢😭

  • Thank God. Guy was so annoying

    • :( i think all of them can be annoying sometimes in their own ways though, IMO he was my favourite lmao

  • is it weird to be proud of someone you've never met?

  • Gutted Clint, but wish you every success in the next chapter for you!

  • Why? :c

  • Clint...it's better to do something and fail then living with the fear of of wanting something but never taking a chance. We will support you and your channel and you know that.

  • I see this as a HUGE win for this channel. Clint is the weakest link X1,000,000. Every time he sits on the sofa, I wonder why on Earth is he even there. He's terrible at this job. He's seen like literally NO MOVIES and gets ZERO references. He's just very bad at his job, and in all honesty he lowers the quality of the content. Huge win for the channel by Clint leaving.

    • you do realize that they do more than just vfx react videos right? Clint is amazing at making renders, he has an eye for composition, and his perfectionist personality always pushes him to make the best. I bet you _do_ only watch this channel for the reacts lmao.

  • God Speed you clint!! I hope to see you soon.

  • Dope exit interview

  • Dude April was still 16 days away. Wtf

  • Dislike for the sponsor. Why? This makes me sad.

  • I’m a little late to this sendoff. Sad, yeah, but if it's for growth, nothing is ever wasted. Also, this is so relevant to me right now.

  • Thank god finally. Now I can subscribe again. He was so annoying 🙄

  • It's beautiful to see the love lads, new viewer but happy to sub.

  • we'll miss you clint

  • who tf said im crying

  • Is it because they haven't touched their original channel? Cause that's why I unsubscribed, I was loyal but they gotta at least go back to their roots.

  • GREAT! That annoying attention hog left! Now I can finally enjoy your video's.

  • We will miss Clint...

  • Oh f*ck this isn't April Fools!

  • 11:53 Life lesson by Snoop Dogg. Man... I love these guys. 😶😂

  • Dang I haven't kept up with the channel in a minute. Gonna miss Clint.

  • Weird

  • I always loved Clint, I hope he makes it

  • Awwww darn, sad to see you go at the end of the day. Hope you do bigger and better things.

  • I don´t see this in order, so Beeple fire you, that is the truth.

  • I can survive without Clint, I'll miss him but I'll live. But if lil Billy leaves, I'm done that's it. Game over man game over.

  • So, when is the hunger games event where you choose the next vfx artist? Lol

  • Based on all these comments i guess im the only one who thinks Clint was annoying as hell and won't miss seeing him

    • Turns out it seems a lot of people have your opinion about him being annoying :/

  • Did Beeple actually fire him?